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Help us to map European data infrastructures for 3D cultural heritage | Europeana PRO

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The Time Machine Organisation and Europeana Initiative, working together in the deployment of the common European data space for cultural heritage, are excited to launch a new survey that aims to build a picture of European data infrastructures and repositories which accept 3D datasets of cultural heritage for deposit. The questions address various topics including metadata standards, the quality of 3D data, licensing for 3D data, and how the data can be accessed or shared and by whom.

The survey is aimed at operators of data repositories (infrastructures to store and manage digital files and their metadata such as digital archives, data collections, virtual research infrastructures, etc.) which hold 3D data. If you operate such an infrastructure, we encourage you to participate in this survey.

3D and the common European data space for cultural heritage

Making more digital cultural heritage data available in 3D is a key focus of the common European data space for cultural heritage, the flagship initiative of the European Commission to accelerate the digital transformation of Europe’s cultural sector.

In the coming year, work undertaken in the data space will continue to support aggregators and cultural heritage institutions to publish 3D content in the data space; improve the documentation around these activities; review frameworks to ensure that they better reflect 3D activity; and support member states to submit digitised cultural heritage assets in 3D through the Twin it! campaign. This survey will complement this work and help to shape efforts around 3D across the data space.

Find out more about what is planned in the second year of the data space.

Take the survey

The survey can be accessed through the link below. It contains 23 questions related to operating institutions, individual 3D digital objects, 3D datasets and data handling, and the deadline for completion is 19 April 2024.

By responding to the survey you will help us to better understand how 3D data is being managed, which in turn will help us in shaping the future of the common European data space for cultural heritage. We are grateful for your participation and look forward to receiving your responses!

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