Monday, June 24, 2024

Latest round of WasteSorted Infrastructure Grants announced

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GO Organics Boonanarring FOGO Compost Granulation GO Organics manufactures compost from FOGO that is independently certified to AS4454. It now seeks to manufacture granules from FOGO compost and other selected inputs to add further value to the recovered FOGO resource and improve access to agricultural markets. This will be achieved by purchasing and installing granulation equipment in a new purpose-built facility at GO Organics’ existing licensed Boonanarring Composting Facility. $250,000 WA Recycling Recycled Aggregates Improvement Project This project will enhance WA Recycling’s existing construction and demolition waste recycling plant by adding a new processing line for removal of timber, paper, plastic, grass and fines from recycled aggregates within the C&D waste stream. This will significantly improve the quality of the C&D recycled aggregates by removing 99 per cent of these contaminants. $250,000 Peel Resource Recovery Material Density Water Flotation Separator This project involves purchasing specialised machinery to effectively remove light fraction materials (wood, plastic etc) from construction and demolition heavy materials by water flotation. This equipment will complement the existing processing system by adding 15 kilotons in output, improving the quality of the crushed concrete and creating one additional job. $250,000 CTS Tyre Recycling Increasing Off the Road (OTR) Tyre Recycling Rates The CTS Tyre Recycling facility currently accepts a wide range of passenger, truck and large Off-The-Road (OTR) tyres but faces a processing gap for medium-sized OTR tyres (24-39 inches). To address this, CTS Tyre Recycling will introduce a downsizing guillotine, enabling significantly expanded processing capabilities that will deliver sustainable and affordable recycling options. $250,000 Cleanaway Solid Waste Pty Ltd Dardanup Organics Facility Cleanaway’s Dardanup Organics Facility will provide a solution predominantly targeted at the southwest region; however, it will have capacity for additional volume including southwest regional growth. The project will construct an enclosed receival hall with aerated pasteurisation, windrow maturation, and screening for FOGO derived wastes.   $250,000 Drainflow Services Pty Ltd Installation of Eddy Current Separator The Revive Resources Hydro Wash Facility receives street sweeping and stormwater drainage and waste for recycling. As part of the process, ferrous metals are removed via a belt magnet. As non-ferrous metals are not picked up by the belt magnet the material being processed contains elevated levels of copper, lead, zinc, and aluminium. The addition of an Eddy Current Separator will allow the removal of all metals from the waste stream. $250,000 Good Sammy Enterprises Unwearable Textile Recovery This project will invest in a metal detector, shredder, industrial washing and drying equipment, and nine rag cutters. This suite of small- to medium-sized equipment will result in increased recovery of almost 2,000 tonnes per annum of textiles locally. The end products will be rags and shredded material suitable for a range of end use applications. $237,265 Write Solutions Australia Pty Ltd De-packing bulk packaged food waste Write Solutions plan to increase their capacity to handle bulk packed food waste and assist businesses to recover more food waste. Grant funding will go towards a food waste Paddle De-packer machine, with the potential to divert 5,800 tonnes of packed food waste annually. $138,750 Shire of Victoria Plains WasteSorted Made Easy The Shire of Victoria Plains have two staffed waste management facilities at Calingiri and Bolgar. As there is currently no infrastructure in place for the management and diversion of construction and demolition material, the grant will provide three concrete bays across the two sites for the storage and reuse of construction and demolition materials. $135,000 Town of Port Hedland Town of Port Hedland Community Recycling Centre This project will provide the base infrastructure for a purpose-built facility with drop off points for recycling green waste, scrap metal, batteries, e-waste, construction and demolition waste and hazardous waste and will incorporate a tip shop and Container Deposit Scheme refund point. $130,000 Shire of Broome Broome Waste Management Facility – Tip Face Material Recovery The project will establish a dedicated area for the drop off, separation and recovery of commercial mixed waste materials received at the Broome Waste Management Facility. The grant will go towards new infrastructure to mechanically sort and recover different materials from the mixed waste. $58,922 Workpower Incorporated Fire Extinguisher Recycling for the Regions Workpower’s grant funding will be used to create two sea containers used as fire extinguisher recycling pods that can be transported to regional worksites to provide local recycling capability in the Mid West and Goldfields. $33,445

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