Thursday, June 13, 2024

Football Queensland launches #EQUALISER campaign to secure crucial infrastructure investment – Football Queensland

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Football Queensland (FQ) has today launched its State Election #EQUALISER campaign, designed to support the existing and growing demand for football by advocating for critical infrastructure investment from current and future elected representatives from across all sides of politics.

The success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ has amplified the game’s appeal across Queensland resulting in soaring participation rates and underscoring the importance of infrastructure to the game’s growth and development.

Football in Queensland is thriving, with more than 300,000 players in 2023, and a 44% increase recorded in female club based outdoor participants in the first quarter of this year.

“The popularity of football has exploded with overall participation growing by 55% in the past five years. The game stands as the state’s largest team and club-based participation sport, delivering significant social and community benefits both on and off the field,” Football Queensland CEO Robert Cavallucci said.

“Despite football’s size, reach and influence, the game is in dire need of additional infrastructure to meet its current obligations and to keep up with the continuous growth in demand across all regions and demographics.

“We invite all Queensland football members to participate in FQ’s statewide survey which will help to assess community values, opinions on government support for football, and the potential influence of football-related commitments on voter behaviour in the upcoming state election.

“Data gathered from the #EQUALISER survey will enable FQ to engage with state decision-makers, MPs and candidates to reinforce the importance of football infrastructure funding commitments to not only their specific electorates and election outcomes, but also the broader Queensland community.

“The survey results will help shape FQ’s interactions and guide the campaign’s strategies leading up to and after the Queensland election. By empowering the football community to voice their priorities, FQ aims to build a greater connection between the State Government and football for the betterment of the game and deliver FQ’s three key strategic priorities, the Community Infrastructure Fund, the State Home of Football, and the Tier 2 Stadium.

Through the #EQUALISER campaign, Football Queensland will reaffirm the power of the game beyond just being a sport in the community; but rather its place as a vital component and influencing factor in Queensland’s social fabric.

It’s time for an #EQUALISER.

Have your say in the #EQUALISER survey now.

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