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World Economic Forum Names United States Best Country for Travel and Tourism in 2024

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A shock to some or no surprise at all to others –the world’s 10 best countries for tourism is led by
the United States, according to the
World Economic Forum

Europe leads with the most on the top 10. 

The survey is tourism-centric in that it focuses on
the business of airlines, airports, hotels, attractions and less on experiences. 

The Best Travel and Tourism Countries in the World 

The World Economic Forum’s best countries for travel and tourism are the following: 

1 – The United States – Deemed by the report to be a
“mature” destination because of its existing infrastructure that includes
everything from airline connections between cities to tour guides. New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Chicago, the list of amazing cities is seemingly endless in the United States. 

2 – Spain – The anchor of travel in Europe, which has
six countries on the survey. The strength of the euro and the tendency to spend
more tourism dollars are big factors. The report also says it has a “a
resilient destination with strong intraregional travel flows.”

3 – Japan – The country has seen a
tourist boom since the end of the pandemic and the lessening of restrictions on
travel. “In 2024, global tourism growth is expected to be reinforced by the
continued satisfaction of pent-up demand and growth in major Asian markets
after travel restrictions have been lifted following a delay compared to other
regions,” says the report.

4 – France – A pillar of European travel
that is only likely to be enhanced by hosting the Olympics this summer.

5 – Australia – Aside from the spiders
and other venomous critters, the country is very welcoming to visitors.

6 – Germany – Tradition and history. And beer.
But it also has a handful of airports and a top-notch train system that make it
easy to get around.

7 – The United Kingdom – There’s a lot to love in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

8 – China – In the wake of the pandemic,
China has made it much easier for tourists, especially Americans. For instance,
visitors from the United States no longer need to produce a travel itinerary or
proof of hotel bookings to get a travel visa.

9 – Italy – This is a thriving market and
probably always will be, but it is battling the problem of tourism with over-tourism,
as are many countries in Europe. In one example, Venice is now charging
a tax on tourists

10 – Switzerland – With all the other
European countries on this list, it is sometimes easy to forget how beautiful
Switzerland is.

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