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Working at Metro Tunnel Project

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Metro Tunnel Project

From construction to communications, engineering to land, planning and environment, Metro Tunnel Project is building careers while we work on the biggest upgrade to Melbourne’s rail network since the City Loop.

Jobs at Metro Tunnel Project

If you want to work with the best and leave a lasting legacy, Metro Tunnel Project is the place for you.

Our projects are changing the way Victorians travel, providing better access to work, education, health services.

We offer a hybrid workplace with a strong focus on wellbeing, inclusion and real work/life balance. Our training programs are second to none and will help you grow your career and capabilities.

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Fields of work at Metro Tunnel Project

The Commercial and Legal Team provides general advice and support in relation to procurement, contract management and commercial and legal matters.

Team members offer centralised support and dedicated resources embedded into our project  team.

Key areas of responsibility are:

  • Commercial and Transaction
  • Governance and Reporting
  • Legal
  • Procurement

The People and Inclusion team plays a pivotal role in the employee experience as well as ensuring positive social and economic outcomes are realised as a legacy of our projects.

Key areas of responsibility are:

  • Human resources, people and performance
  • State requirements
  • Culture and engagement
  • Learning and development
  • Wellbeing and inclusion
  • Internal communications and events

Planning and Scheduling is a crucial function at Metro Tunnel Project.

Successful planners are expert communicators and facilitators, have strong project management and engineering skills and seek to develop a detailed, comprehensive overview of the status of our projects.

Members of this team often adopt the role of ‘trusted advisor’ to senior management.

The Finance and Administration team keeps Metro Tunnel Project ticking. It looks after Finance, Digital Transformation & Assurance, Information Management and Business Services.

Key activities include:

  • Accommodation
  • IT & business support
  • Systems administration/training/development
  • Financial reporting, paying the bills,
  • Document control
  • Our intranet
  • Digitising processes
  • keeping our policies and procedures up to date.

Our dedicated team of engineers, railway operators and maintainers plan and manage the integration effort though the lifecycle of our project.

Engineering and Integration is responsible for:

  • Engineering
  • Engineering Assurance
  • Completions
  • Technical Safety
  • Digital Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sustainability

It works across all of our projects and seeks to ensure a consistent approach and the use of the most up to date engineering practices.

Health and Safety are priorities at Metro Tunnel Project.

Split into 3 priority areas, the team is responsible for:

  • Project Safety, which is the responsible delivery of health and safety assurances activities and advice for
  • Safety Systems
  • Assurance and Programs and Initiatives.

The term Project Controls is described across the industry as a single source of truth when it comes to a project’s understanding of time and cost outcomes.

The Project Controls team is responsible for:

  • preparing initial development and delivery programs
  • developing initial cost estimates and risk registers
  • undertaking approval processes
  • inputting into all aspects of the procurement process and awarding of contracts
  • understanding performance in delivery
  • providing timely inputs for decision-making based on fact and risk exposures
  • inputting into aspects through the completion of works as well as finalising of contracts
  • wrapping up and eventually closing down the projects.

The Strategic Communications team is in the business of communication.

That can be telling the stories of our projects through the media, working with local businesses to ensure they are supported during works, or engaging with the community through initiatives like Metro Tunnel HQ and station community days.

This team has a range of responsibilities including:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Brand management
  • Community, stakeholder and industry engagement
  • Customer service
  • Digital Communications
  • Creative and educational programs
  • Government relation
  • Internal communications
  • Landowner and business support services
  • Media relations
  • Risk and issues management
  • Transport disruption communications
  • Graphic design
  • Video production

The Land, Planning and Environment Team is responsible for a range of services including:

  • Planning and environmental approvals
  • Environmental management
  • Land acquisition
  • Urban design
  • Creative strategy
  • Cultural heritage management plan
  • Engagement and sustainability

Why work at Metro Tunnel Project?

Our employees have access to a wide variety of opportunities, with an extensive range of career and capability development programs designed to develop our team. We want you to grow, develop and learn with us.

Our vision is to build a safe and trusting environment that values and pursues balance and health and provides a strong platform for continuous development and high performance.

At Metro Tunnel Project we have one of the most progressive wellbeing programs in the Victorian Public Service. We recognise that our people are critical to our ability to deliver business outcomes, and we understand that a holistic approach is required in engaging, satisfying and retaining our people. Our vision is to build a safe and trusting environment that values and pursues balance and health and provides a strong platform for continuous development and high performance.

Our wellbeing program covers a wide range of health and wellbeing topics and themes. We offer yearly flu vaccinations and skin checks, guest speaker events, lunchtime activities, Mental Health First Aid training – just to name a few!

Metro Tunnel Project is committed to providing an inclusive, trusting and supporting working environment that positively affects the mental health and wellbeing of our people.

We understand that life balance is an important part of our employees’ lives. That’s why we have developed and implemented a wide range of flexible work/life balance options such as working from home, flexible working hours and generous leave provisions including the 44/52 model of employment.

The Employee Assistance Program provides access to professional advice to help our staff and their immediate families cope with life’s difficult issues. This is a personal coaching and counselling service that offers confidential, short-term support for a variety of work-related and personal problems that may be affecting you or your immediate family members.

Inclusion is a core part of working at Metro Tunnel Project – we’re committed to creating a safe, understanding, and inclusive workplace where everyone is empowered to be their full and authentic selves. We are a workplace that values the diversity of thoughts and experiences each of us possesses, applauds collaboration and innovation, and seeks to advance equity in all its forms.

As part of our commitments, we have a range of initiatives to help foster an inclusive workplace, including:

  • Trainbow Pride (our LGBTIQA+ pride group), Wear it Purple and IDAHOBIT Day celebrations
  • Women in Transport Network (a networking group for women of all lived experiences and identities) and International Women’s Day celebrations
  • NAIDOC and National Reconciliation Week celebrations, as well as a partnership with Kinaway Chamber of Commerce
  • Annual participation in STEPtember and International Day of People with Disability celebrations
  • Harmony Week celebrations and options to substitute Public Holidays for another day of religious or cultural significance.

Metro Tunnel Project along with its contractors and their sub-contractors will secure a diverse and inclusive workforce capable of unprecedented collaboration.

The Metro Tunnel contractors are required to achieve the Major Project Skills Guarantee with 10% of workforce being apprentices, trainees or engineering cadets. In addition, Metro Tunnel contractors are required to achieve an Aboriginal Employment Target of 2.5% as well as employment targets for Priority Jobseekers.

We want you to grow, develop and learn with us. We want your work to provide you with a strong sense of purpose and achievement.

We adopt the 70:20:10 philosophy where what you do, and how you do it, is equally important in contributing to your career aspirations as the formal training you attend. We are focused on giving you work that offers the stretch and experiences to set you up for your next role.

We encourage formal training and support relevant study via financial assistance and leave provisions for approved courses.

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