Sunday, June 23, 2024

Whitepaper: Digital transformation of public infrastructure

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We are seeing unprecedented levels of investment in public infrastructure in Australia. The management of public infrastructure is a complex exercise requiring orchestration of many parties. Key to supporting this is data management. 

Despite this, the construction industry and the public sector are less digitally mature than other sectors. Digital transformation of the delivery and management of public infrastructure is a major opportunity to reduce the risk of cost overrun and delay. 

This whitepaper provides recommendations for five immediate actions for Australian governments that build on existing efforts to deliver the holistic improvements offered by digital transformation of public infrastructure.

It also explores:

  • The current challenges facing public infrastructure
  • Root causes of poor project performance
  • The current state of Australia’s digital maturity journey
  • Latest data and research on the link between Australia’s public infrastructure and digital transformation

Download the whitepaper to learn more today.


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