Thursday, June 13, 2024

Which NFL team is most likely to go worst-to-first in 2024?

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It seems like every year we see a team win their division after finishing last place the previous year. Last year, it was the Houston Texans, who finished with a 12-5 record and won the division following a three win season. In 2022, it was the Jacksonville Jaguars that made the leap. The year prior, it was the Cincinnati Bengals, and so on.

Today’s Question of the Day is…

Which NFL team is the most likely to go from worst-to-first in their division in 2024?

Here are the list of candidates:

The obvious bet here feels like the Bengals. They are the only team on this list with a winning record from last year, and they are only a few years removed from a Super Bowl appearance with a franchise level quarterback. But the obvious choice hasn’t always been the correct choice in year’s past.

Last year when we asked this question, nearly 70 percent of the vote was split between the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons. Obviously, the Jets ended up getting dealt a very unlucky hand with Aaron Rodgers suffering a season-ending injury. The Falcons actually came pretty close before choking away the final two games of the season in a very tight race. Only 38 votes, or four percent, chose the Texans to go from worst-to-first and win the AFC South last year.

If not the Bengals, then I think the Chargers have a decent shot to steal a division title from the Chiefs. It’s really just a two team race here, or a one team race if the Chargers can’t make some noise.

The dark horse here at least from an odds perspective is the Chicago Bears. They’ve obviously had a pretty nice offseason and are coming off of a strong finish last year, but… nah. Not gonna happen.

Let’s hear from you.


Which NFL team is most likely to go from worst-to-first in their division this year?

  • 3%

    New England Patriots

    (5 votes)

  • 45%

    Cincinnati Bengals

    (69 votes)

  • 8%

    Tennessee Titans

    (13 votes)

  • 20%

    Los Angeles Chargers

    (31 votes)

  • 4%

    Washington Commanders

    (7 votes)

  • 2%

    Carolina Panthers

    (4 votes)

  • 5%

    Arizona Cardinals

    (8 votes)

153 votes total

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