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Western Davenport Community Infrastructure Study

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Northern Territory Farmers Association Incorporated (NT Farmers) will lead a consortia for the Western Davenport Community Infrastructure Project. The consortia consist of the following:

  • Fortune Agribusiness Funds Management Pty Ltd (Fortune Agri)
  • CO Frith, EA Frith and JO Frith (Neutral Junction), and
  • Aboriginal Land Economic Development Agency Pty Ltd (ALEDA).

NT Farmers has received support via a Priority Sector Collaborative Grant from the Local Jobs Fund (LJF) for $100,000 (plus GST). The funds are required to develop studies for a masterplan for a community precinct in the Western Davenport region to support a new agricultural/horticultural precinct, which will be the subject of the second application submitted to the LJF.

The Western Davenport region covers almost 24,500 square kilometre located approximately 150 kilometre south of Tennant Creek. The new precinct aims to develop 8,000 to 10,000 ha of irrigated agricultural land over the next 10 to 15 years to include irrigated intensive high-value horticulture and broad acre agriculture. Considerable investment is required in a range of community infrastructure to develop a community hub to house and support the employees, their families and ancillary services necessary to support the region, particularly in relation to proposed horticulture developments.

The studies for the masterplan will be completed by PwC and GHD. GHD are the subject matter experts in engineering, architecture and master planning design. PwC are the subject matter experts in government funding and Indigenous engagement. The type of policy issues to be considered by the study are as follows:

  • housing (including social housing)
  • town planning
  • health
  • education
  • communications
  • recreation/community amenity
  • Indigenous affairs.

The proposed scope of works will include the following:

  • develop a recommended master plan for the community precinct
  • ownership model options and shared infrastructure plans
  • opportunities for government funding
  • community/stakeholder consultation
  • expected timeframes for delivery.

Potentially 2,000 to 3,000 jobs (includes 150 to 400 jobs to the local Aboriginal population, and includes both community and farm projects).

Gross value of production estimated to be $300 million to $400 million by 2030 (combined project).

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