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VFLW match report: Hawks win in convincing fashion

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Box Hill was victorious by 90 points against Geelong at Fenjiu Stadium.

Box Hill has come out victorious in convincing fashion over Geelong this Sunday, defeating the visitors by 90 points on home turf.

The Hawks’ backline stood strong all game, preventing the Cats from entering their forward half and leaving the team goalless for the match.

However, it was a whole team effort as the Hawks finished the match with +30 inside 50s over Geelong.

It was tough conditions for both teams as the consistent rain persisted on and off throughout the day. However, it was the Hawks who were able to adapt to these robust circumstances.

The first goal of the day came from Mietta Kendall after receiving a crafty assist from the returning Jade Wise.

VFLW Captain Tamara Luke followed shortly after, booting two goals within the span of a couple of minutes, setting her up to play one of her best matches so far this season.

The first term finished with another major from reliable forward Jess Matin, establishing the Hawks’ dominance over the Cats early in the game.

A similar fashion ensued in the second quarter with Box Hill remaining paramount over a struggling Geelong side.

Goals from Tess Cattle, Annie Muir, Cassie Davidson and Gabby Collingwood got the ball rolling early for the Hawks this term.

Luke stood up again in front of goal, kicking her third of the day after taking a strong grab and booting a major directly in front.

Box Hill was again able to prevent Geelong from transitioning the ball into its forward half, allowing the Hawks to head into the main break with a 56-point buffer.

As the rain picked up in the third quarter, the Hawks suffered a slower start and were unable to score for the first 10 minutes.

However, another impressive goal came from Kendall, kicking their second for the match.

Collingwood also secured her second shortly after, while Teagan Bradley got her first via a set shot.

The fourth term saw Geelong pick up the pace slightly, locking the ball in its forward 50 for the opening minutes.

However, strong defensive efforts from Annabelle Embelton saw the Cats struggle to convert on the scoreboard. Embelton finished the match with five defensive marks and remained strong down back for Box Hill.

Luke secured her fourth goal mid-way through this term, while Matin also slotted her second for the day to finish the match with a compelling victory.

Box Hill will now aim for back-to-back wins over North Melbourne next Saturday at Arden Street Oval at 2:00pm.

Box Hill                4.1          9.3          12.6          14.8 (92)

Geelong              0.1          0.1           0.1             0.2 (2)

Best: Luke, Matin, Kendall, Davidson, Embelton, Cattle

Goals: Luke (4), Matin (2), Kendall (2), Collingwood (2), Muir, Davidson, Cattle, Bradley

Disposals: Davidson (22), Spamer (21), Dillon (19), Wise (18), Thorne (18)

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