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Venue where TV star paid $42 for a beer and glass of wine revealed

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By Pranav Harish For Daily Mail Australia

12:57 11 Jun 2024, updated 13:07 11 Jun 2024

The bar where a shocked television star was slugged sky high prices for two drinks has been revealed.

Channel Seven presenter Andrew Costello, best known for his program ‘South Aussie with Cosi’, expressed his disbelief after forking out for a round of drinks for himself and wife Samantha in Adelaide over the long weekend.

The couple’s $42.50 bill consisted of a pint of Coopers Pacific Ale which cost $18.50 and a 250ml glass of Serofino Rose wine, which set him back a whopping $24.

Mr Costello chose not to name and shame the bar when he publicly expressed his outrage on Monday.

The venue has since been revealed as Coopers Alehouse at Adelaide Airport, which is owned by Delaware North, a multinational food and hospitality company.

Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello (pictured with wife Samantha) racked up a whopping $42.50 bill after he purchased two drinks at the Coopers Alehouse at Adelaide Airport on Sunday

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Hospitality venues located at airports pay more in rent to airport companies. 

Many airport outlets also face limited competition for their services from rival restaurants and bars, meaning the prices for food and drink are more expensive. 

The price for the same beer is $4.40 cheaper at $14.10 at The Original Coopers Alehouse in the Adelaide CBD. 

A 250ml glass of rose is $16.90 at the same venue.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Delaware North for comment. 

Mr Costello uploaded a post to Instagram on Monday, to reveal the astonishing cost for the drinks. 

‘You gotta feel for bars competing with wage increases, product increases and taxes,’ he posted.

‘But $42.50? I just told my wife drink slowly cause there’s no second round!’ 

Mr Costello ordered a a pint of Coopers Pacific Ale for $18.50 and a 250ml glass of Serofino Rose for $24 (pictured)
The drinks were purchased at Adelaide Airport’s Coopers Alehouse (pictured)

An Adelaide Airport spokesperson said it appreciated Mr Costello’s patronage.

“The hospitality sector is seeking to manage the tightrope challenge of taking on significant increases in costs while still providing value to consumers who are experiencing a disposable income squeeze,’ they told the Adelaide Advertiser.

Owners of pubs and bars in Adelaide pay a tax on alcohol which is one the highest in the world.

The latest tax increase on beer and spirits in February was raised by almost a dollar, to almost $60.12 per litre and $101.85 per litre for pure spirits. 

The popular presenter (pictured) was baffled by the hefty bill for the two drinks

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