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Today’s NYT ‘Connections’ Hints And Answers For Thursday, July 11

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Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you’ve been having an excellent week.

I’m settled back into my place after a few weeks away visiting family. I’m starting to work on healthier habits too, such as getting out of bed at a reasonable time instead of 15 minutes before I start work, and deleting apps from my phone that tend to bring me down (especially Twitter).

Anyway, today’s NYT Connections hints and answers are coming right up.

How To Play Connections

In Connections, you’re presented with a grid of 16 words. Your task is to arrange them into four groups of four by figuring out the links between them. The groups could be things like horror movie franchises, a type of verb or rappers.

There’s only one solution for each puzzle, and you’ll need to be careful when it comes to words that might fit into more than one category. You can shuffle the words to perhaps help you see links between them.

Each group is color coded. The yellow group is usually the easiest to figure out, blue and green fall in the middle, and the purple group is typically the hardest one to deduce. The purple group often involves wordplay, so bear that in mind.

Select four words you think go together and press Submit. If you make a guess and you’re incorrect, you’ll lose a life. If you’re close to having a correct group, you might see a message telling you that you’re one word away from getting it right, but you’ll still need to figure out which one to swap.

If you make four mistakes, it’s game over. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen with the help of some hints, and, if you’re really struggling, today’s Connections answers.

What Are Today’s Connections Hints?

Scroll slowly! Just after the hints for each of today’s Connections groups, I’ll reveal what the groups are without immediately telling you which words go into them.

Today’s 16 words are…

  • TAPE
  • HAND
  • SEND
  • KEY
  • PASS
  • WALK
  • PEN
  • GIVE
  • EXIT

And the hints for today’s groups are:

  • Yellow group — classroom necessities
  • Green group — foundational
  • Blue group — exchange
  • Purple group — illuminated instructions

What Are Today’s Connections Groups?

Need some extra help?

Be warned: we’re starting to get into spoiler territory.

Today’s groups are…

  • Yellow group — school supplies
  • Green group — fundamental
  • Blue group — transfer
  • Purple group — light-up signs

What Are Today’s Connections Answers?

Spoiler alert! Don’t scroll any further down the page until you’re ready to find out today’s Connections answers.

This is your final warning!

Today’s Connections answers are…

  • Yellow group — school supplies (PEN, RULER, SCISSORS, TAPE)
  • Green group — fundamental (ESSENTIAL, KEY, PRINCIPAL, STAPLE)
  • Blue group — transfer (GIVE, HAND, PASS, SEND)
  • Purple group — light-up signs (APPLAUSE, EXIT, RECORDING, WALK)

No perfect game today, but my overall win streak now stands at four.

Just like I did yesterday, I zipped through today’s game, but an error tripped me up right out of the gate. I included STAPLE with the yellows at first instead of the exceedingly more obvious PEN. Bah. Mistake corrected, I locked down that group, swiftly followed by the greens.

Seeing APPLAUSE and RECORDING next to each other made me think of the signs at a TV taping, even though I’ve never been to one. The remaining purples then jumped out at me, leaving the blues for the win.

That’s all there is to it for today’s Connections clues and answers. Be sure to check my blog for hints and the solution for Friday’s game if you need them.

P.S. Speaking of the blues led to this terrific song popping into my head. A lot of my song recommendations are off the cuff, in case you couldn’t tell.

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