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There should be no ‘expiry date’ for good music or women in the industry, says Aussie band

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At the beginning of the music video for Singing My Lines by No Promises, singer songwriter Janine Garvey sits at a table looking through a series of photographs as she pens an open letter to the Australian music industry.

The letter and new song are aimed at an industry that has so far failed to accept No Promises, a band led by Garvey and her music partner Eric Collier, who between them have more than 50 years of experience as musicians.

“I’ve been writing and writing and writing,” Garvey told ABC News.

“And Eric and I have been putting out some great music.

“And I just feel like we’re just constantly ignored, I think because of our age, mostly.

“It’s definitely not the quality of music, because I think that that’s there.”

The latest single from Eric Collier and Janine Garvey from No Promises is a commentary on their lack of radio airplay.(Supplied: Mark Drury)

Collier, who performed 270 live shows last year, says both have paid their dues.

“I’ve been doing music for over 30 years,” Collier said.

“Performing original songs in dive bars at two or three o’clock in the morning and then driving to work and sleeping in my car and then starting my shift for the day at 7am.”


“Dear Australian music industry, 

What do I have to do to break through and be heard? Why does commercial radio constantly ignore new Australian talent? Am I … too old? Too Assertive? Not pretty enough? Do I not fit your mould? Did I not pay for plays?

Good music does not have an expiration date and neither should women in this Industry. Just listen. Right now I’m in my prime. I’ve never sung better or written better. And I’ll keep releasing great songs until you have no choice but to listen. Just listen.

Check out my previous releases with my amazing music partner Eric Collier. Then ask yourself why our music isn’t all over the radio already.

Song writing and performing is not a choice for me; it’s ingrained in my soul. The melody flows within me, deeper than you’d ever believe. Songs hit me in the middle of the night, when I wake up, in the shower, while I’m driving, even in the middle of gigging. I can’t ignore them and I won’t. I’ll keep churning them out whether you listen or not. I’m not going away because I have something to say.

We have so many amazing artists here in Australia but the industry isn’t listening. Thank God for community radio, the Aussie Muso’s champion. To everyone else, play more NEW Australian content. It’s time. It’s my time.”

Sincerely yours,

Janine Garvey


Collier, who grew up in Rathmines in Lake Macquarie, NSW, even used to battle in band competitions against Silverchair before they were Silverchair.

“I think they were called The Innocent Criminals back then,” Collier said.

“But what prompted me to start playing guitar was the movie Back to the Future – The Johnny B Goode scene.

“I thought that’s what I wanna do. I want to do that.”

Eric Collier and Janine Garvey standing side by side on a beach, both in black, Eric with greying beard, Janine blonde hair

Collier and Garvey have more than 50 years of experience in the music industry between them.(Supplied: Eric Collier)

Garvey, who is from Foster in Victoria, has also always had music running through her veins.

“I’m the classic girl in the bedroom with a hairbrush,” she said.

“I grew up on a farm and so I’d often put on shows in the paddock in front of the cows.

“I’d choreograph this whole dance [routine] and sing.

“Mum and dad would be off milking cows, and I’d be in the front yard, with my little concert to nobody.”

Eric Collier and Janine Garvey both sitting down holding guitars on stage, Janine singing into mic

Collier and Garvey supported Mahalia Barnes Live at the Bundy in Victoria.(Supplied: Stuart Anderson)

The South Gippsland band hopes Singing My Lines will be the song that gets them noticed.

“All these knockbacks and things just put more fire in our bellies to really succeed,” Garvey says.

“I just want this song to be everywhere.

“And I want people to relate. And I just I want people to know that you should never give up on your dreams.

“Doesn’t matter how old you are. You’re never too old to dream another dream.

“But just keep going. 

“Good music doesn’t have an expiry date. And neither should women in the industry.”

Singing My Lines by No Promises is out now.

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