Sunday, June 23, 2024

The ultimate guide to eSIMs: Here’s how to stay connected on your travels without the roaming rip-off | Life

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eSIMs are a relatively new invention that requires no physical card and lives on your phone. (Prykhodov/Getty Images)

Of all the essentials that have crept into modern-day travel, staying connected is one of the most unavoidable. Although the aim while on your foreign holiday may be to disconnect from the online world, having zero cellphone connectivity, particularly on an urban escape, is almost impossible given our reliance on maps, booking apps, and various notifications.

Previously, or if you ask your traditional service providers, currently, staying connected while abroad requires you to jump through several hoops before departing. Mostly, you alert your service provider that you are heading off, ask them to switch you to roaming, and then brace yourself for the bill on your return. 

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