Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Thales launches external key management for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Thales launches external key management for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

French multinational Thales has announced that CipherTrust Cloud Key Management’s Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) will be available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The new HYOK functionality is rolling out in all 45 of the company’s Oracle Cloud regions, including its EU Sovereign Cloud.

According to Oracle, this will help boost data sovereignty and compliance by allowing customers to use encryption keys within Cipher Trust Manager, but externally to OCI, while also boosting support for Bring Your Own Key encryption.

Thales’ external key management solution protects sensitive data by storing encryption keys in a separate location to where that encrypted data is stored.

“Businesses are increasingly shifting away from legacy on-premises deployments and need assistance in moving their data to the cloud while maintaining security and compliance,” Todd Moore, vice-president of data security products at Thales, in a statement. “As the industry leader in external key management, we’re proud to be the first to support HYOK features in OCI, equipping OCI customers with the necessary solutions to be successful in this journey. To further this best-in-class experience for our combined customer base, Thales is also the first supporting vendor for Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud initiatives.”

Jeppe Larsen, senior vice-president for OCI security and identity at Oracle, said the company is dedicated to protecting “security-sensitive workloads”.

“Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud helps customers operating in Europe to address their data sovereignty requirements, and the HYOK integration with Thales enhances that offering,” Larsen said.

“In addition, this partnership and integration will benefit US customers in regulated industries such as financial services by enabling them to take full advantage of OCI, with the privacy and security benefits of HYOK from Thales.”

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