Saturday, July 13, 2024

Team USA Basketball criticized for ignoring fans who waited under the sun for them; only one player went to meet them

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For most fans, it’s clear that the favorites to win the gold medal at the Paris 2024 Olympics are the USA basketball team. Comprised of literally the best players in the world, they are idols in the sports world.

However, gathering so many super athletes from the NBA in one team can lead to ego clashes. From the perspective of the media and fans, the favorite basketball team didn’t act like a team and faced heavy criticism after completely ignoring their biggest admirers. Only one player took the time to interact with the excited fans.

Many disillusioned admirers didn’t hesitate to bring the team down from their pedestal after witnessing their indifference. Fans had waited a long time under the sun, hoping for a photo, a few words, or even an autograph. For some parents, it was heartbreaking to see their kids calling out the names of their superstars, only to get a mere wave in return.

The True MVP

Stephen Curry continues to live up to his legendary status both on and off the court. Curry was the only player who took a few minutes to greet his fans, sign autographs, and spend some time with those who had been eagerly waiting to see their idols.

As one of the most popular athletes in the world, Curry remains grounded. According to the NBA, his jersey is the best-selling in the league, and gestures like this show why.

It’s likely that Curry understands the significance of his actions, which endear him even more to his fans. Something his teammates could definitely learn from him.

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