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Still want to travel this summer? Here’s some last minute ideas

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – You probably know a friend or two on vacation right now, and if you haven’t booked your getaway, there are a few ways you can do that at a good rate.

The best deals start at the end of August and go into early September when kids are back in school and most wrap up vacation by then.

AAA travel advisor, Wendy Marley told 22News places like Key West and Wilmington are not on everyone’s radar right now, offering great deals at the moment.

And if you’re looking to fly, Manchester, Bradley or Providence, the smaller regional airports in the New England area, are key and with a handful of stations in western Mass. traveling by train is easy to access.

22News stopped by Union Station Wednesday and spoke with some local travelers who were headed out west. They told us there’s more room on a train and they don’t see themselves getting on a plane any time soon.

“We’re so tired of airplanes, they’re awful,” Susan Mangan of Springfield expressed. “The train that has bedrooms, the top floor, that’s a multi-level thing, and the top floor of that train has the observation area and the chairs swivel.”

Chester Moody says he likes taking advantage of great passenger deals. “There’s a pass, I get 30 days to use 10 stops and it’s a lot cheaper than buying 10 stops. I might got out to Texas or might go to California or Arizona… I haven’t made up my mind.”

Chester and Susan also shared that not only is traveling by train a unique experience, but it’s also less crowded and less technology to deal with.

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