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South East Queensland Set to Host ICCA Tournament | Queensland Cricket

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South East Queensland is gearing up to host the next International Council for Cricket Academies (ICCA) tournament, a significant event in the world of youth cricket development. The ICCA, founded to govern and facilitate the growth of young aspiring international cricketers, organises international tournaments, tours, and masterclass sessions to nurture talent from around the globe.

Supported by the WPC Cricket Club Academy in Brisbane, the ICCA is set to coordinate the tournament with additional support from Queensland Cricket. The event will feature three divisions: U13, U15, U17, and U19, providing a platform for young players to showcase their skills and compete at an international level.

The WPC Cricket Club Academy will conduct open selection trials at the National Cricket Centre starting from the 16th of April. These trials offer a unique opportunity for aspiring cricketers to try out for the Australian-based academy teams.

Several countries, including India, Dubai, Oman, and the USA, are already involved in the tournament, highlighting its international appeal and the diverse range of talent it will attract. The tournament will kick off on the 14th of July with one day of trial matches, followed by the official competition commencing on the 16th. Matches will be played across various grounds in South East Queensland, promising an exciting and competitive atmosphere.

This initiative aligns with Queensland Cricket’s and Cricket Australia’s Multicultural Action plans, which prioritise engagement with South Asian communities. It reflects a commitment to diversity and inclusivity within the sport, fostering a welcoming environment for cricketers from all backgrounds.

Queensland Cricket’s Multicultural Project Lead, Ashutosh Misra, spoke about the benefits of the South East Queensland region hosting such a large tournament.

“The ICCA tournament is not only a fantastic cricket event that will see a number of countries come together, we’ll also see some great economic benefits with around 300 people coming to Brisbane.” He said.

Those interested in getting involved should contact ICCA representative Anu Perrera at The ICCA tournament in South East Queensland promises to be a celebration of cricketing talent and a testament to the sport’s ability to unite communities from around the world.

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