Thursday, June 13, 2024

Shopping complex in Salford town gets green light for £15mn revamp

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A shopping complex in one of Salford’s towns has been given the green light for a £15m revamp.

This will see 180,000 sq ft of retail space in Egerton Walk and Victoria Square in Walkden demolished, to make way for a new ‘contemporary’ façade with a landscaping scheme.

Most of the area set to be knocked down in Walkden Town Centre is currently not being used.

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The plan includes creating a ‘high street style’ boulevard with timber street furniture, breakout seating areas, and low level planters.

It involves creating a pedestrianised link connecting the newly formed main entrance of the shopping centre to Manchester Road East and High Street.

It will also create parcels of land for further development in future.

The plan has been approved by Salford council in a decision which noted that the site has ‘surpassed its operational life cycle and is beyond viable economic repair.’

It was submitted by Derwent Estates on behalf of the Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation.

A CGI of how the homes could look.

The plan was approved by Salford council. -Credit:The Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation

It’s hoped the work will breathe new life into Walkden and support the regeneration of the town and wider area.

A planning statement submitted with the application last year stated that 46 of the 73 units in the area were empty at the time, and that 18 tenants are set to be relocated.

Developer Derwent Estates is now looking to appoint a contractor to carry out the demolition works at Walkden Town Centre.

Scott Hall, asset manager at Derwent Estates states: “We fully understand the importance of Walkden Town Centre to the local area, which is why we have taken this proactive decision to significantly improve its current offering to create a more contemporary and attractive yet sustainable environment for both retailers and visitors.

“We recognise the changing attitudes and expectations of all stakeholders, which is why these plans are so imperative to ensuring a vibrant future for the Centre.”

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