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Shocking moment England fans are attacked by Netherlands supporters

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This is the shocking moment a group of England fans were attacked by Netherlands supporters ahead of Thursday’s Euro 2024 semi.

Dramatic footage appears to show rival fans throwing punches and hurling drinks as tensions rise before the clash in Dortmund, The Sun.

Five fans were hurt and arrests made during the skirmish as Dutch yobs attacked England fans outside a restaurant in the German town.

A fight broke between England and Netherland fans ahead of the Euro semi-final. Picture: X
A fight broke between England and Netherland fans ahead of the Euro semi-final. Picture: XSource: Supplied

Tables were upturned an orange shirted attacker was seen hurling a chair as missiles were hurled in the clash outside Sausalitos restaurant and bar in the city centre.

Trouble flared near the start of the spectacular Dutch “fan walk” to the stadium as tens of thousands of soccer revellers passed the eaterie.

Officials confirmed five people had suffered minor injuries and at least one Dutch fan was caught on camera being detained by riot cops who quickly surrounded the scene.

Another fan was seen hurling a TV inside the restaurant.

It is not yet known what sparked the violent clash. Picture: XSource: Supplied

A spokesman for the UK’s Football Police Unit said: “We are aware of some reports and videos circulating of disorder in Dortmund.

“It appears that there have been several instances of Dutch fans attacking England fans in bars and attempting to steal flags.

“We understand this has resulted in minor injuries to five people. We are also aware that in addition to the tens of thousands of Dutch fans there to enjoy the game, there are groups of risk supporters who have travelled to Dortmund from the Netherlands.

“Our officers are at the location supporting German colleagues. We would advise supporters to be aware of their surroundings and seek areas where there is a German Police presence. ”

Restaurant Leo Woeho said: “The Dutch started it after trying to steal an England flag – there was provocation on each side and it got out of hand.

“Fortunately no one was badly hurt.”

Chairs and bottles were seen flying in the air. Picture: XSource: Supplied
Riot police were called to the scene. Picture: XSource: Supplied

The brawl saw England fans retreat into a bar to avoid being pelted by glass.

Clips of the clash spread across X, formerly Twitter, with one user writing: “It’s kicking off in Dortmund.”

A similar fight took place weeks ago before England’s Euros curtain raiser against Serbia, which left an English fan with blood pouring from a head wound.

Sources at the scene said a group of yobs appeared to have started chaos in a restaurant near the venue city of Gelsenkirchen five hours before kick-off.

It comes after cops closed in on a crazed axeman brandishing a molotov cocktail near a busy Euros fan zone was caught on camera.

Shocking footage showed the suspect with a golden pickaxe as cops draw their guns and deploy pepper spray moments before his arrest on the streets of Hamburg.

Cops shot the axeman and sealed off the Reeperbahn strip, not far from where thousands of Dutch supporters were gathering to watch their match against Poland.

Police feared he intended to set it off in the middle of the crowd of supporters, according to German news outlet Bild.

A statement from Hamburg Police on X read: “There is currently a major police operation in St Pauli.

“According to initial findings, a person threatened police officers with a pickaxe and an incendiary device.

“The officers then used their firearms.

“The attacker was injured and is currently receiving medical treatment.”

Police say the attack had “no football connection” and the perpetrator was attacking alone at the time.

Meanwhile, shots were heard during the heated Italy-Albania match, leaving a 23-year-old seriously injured.

The man was hit in his leg and arm in the Berlin district of Moabit, as cops armed with submachine guns launched an urgent manhunt for the attacker.

Six shots were fired on Rathenower Strasse, near Turmstrasse, opposite the Tiergarten district court, Bild reports.

This story was published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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