Sunday, June 16, 2024

Refresh your wardrobe, save money and fight fast fashion this Fashion Revolution Week

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Bringing slow fashion to campus

Aligning with Fashion Revolution Week is the launch of Stitch Craft, a new slow fashion hub on campus to promote sustainable fashion practices and cultivate a community of conscious consumers.

Brought to life by a Sustainability Action Grant, Stitch Craft will be located within the Library’s ThinkSpace on Level 2 of the Jane Foss Russell Building. From Tuesday 16 April, the space will be stocked with sewing machines, sewing equipment, and second-hand fabric to encourage you to repair, recycle and remake your clothes.

Ayesha Shaikh, the student behind Stitch Craft, shares her hopes for how students will utilise the new space:

“I think sewing can be used as a tool to combat environmental pollution as well as human rights issues and the cost-of-living crisis. I envision Stitch Craft as a vibrant hub where students can come together to not only learn new skills and techniques but also to spark meaningful conversations about the interconnected nature of these challenges. My hope is that students will use this space as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and positive change. Together, we can reimagine fashion as a force for good.”

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