Saturday, July 13, 2024

Public health push in the media this week

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AMA President Professor Steve Robson was in the media this week promoting two of the AMA’s major public health policies.

Professor Robson featured in a story on Nine’s A Current Affair program outlining the dangers of vaping and supporting the government’s crackdown on the retail sale of vapes.

“They contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals that young Australians are breathing into what should be healthy lungs,” Professor Robson said.

“They often have enormous amounts of nicotine that means that young Australians become dependent on them very, very quickly.

“They’re a huge public health catastrophe.”

Professor Robson was also championing the AMA’s #sicklysweet campaign for a tax on sugary drinks following last week’s parliamentary inquiry into diabetes recommendations including such a tax.

He told Sky News there is evidence from around the world that a sugar tax is “very effective” including a dramatic reduction of sugar consumption in the UK following the introduction of such a tax.

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