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Pangong to Patagonia: 5 Travel influencers share the ONE pic they can’t forget

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Travel can leave a person with the best memories, often cherished via a photograph or video, that reminds them of the experience had. We got a few travel influencers to share their favourite travel photograph or even a selfie that left them with the memory of a lifetime. Check their picks from the most scenic spots; it’s sure to whip up your wanderlust.WHAT THEY DID AND WHERE

Onella Rodrigues: Hanoi, Vietnam was a joyous exploration

By the picturesque Pangong Lake and in icy Patagonia( Left pic: Rajani Dhar, Right pic: Anusha Rao)

In the bustling streets of Hanoi, Vietnam, my favourite travel selfies came to life. The vibrant chaos of motorbikes and the sweet scent of street food formed the backdrop, but it was the genuine smiles of locals that made the moment unforgettable. As I explored hidden alleyways and tasted traditional pho, the city embraced me with its warmth.

The vibrant hues and charm of Hanoi made it an unforgettable time for Onella Rodrigues
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In the selfie, sunlight kissed my face as I stood before the ancient Temple of Literature, feeling the weight of history and culture. The joyous chatter of street vendors and the distant melody of a traditional song echoed around me. Amidst the cultural richness, I connected with the soul of Vietnam.

The selfie captured not just my physical presence in a foreign land, but the essence of discovery and the profound connection with a place and its people. Each glance at that photo transports me back to the serenity of Ha Long Bay, the ancient charm of Hoi An, and the nation’s resilience that left an indelible mark on my heart. Vietnam, frozen in pixels, became more than a destination; it became a cherished chapter of my life’s journey.Nikita Gogri and Kamal Savla: Love in Kashmir

We had gone to Kashmir last April-May. The trip was 11 days and we decided in advance in addition to the usual spots we would visit a few lesser known ones.two spots which we went to completely stole our hearts.The first is Gurez, a beautiful village; it’s so untouched, they had just two hotels there. Yet this is a place that any travel aficionado should not miss. It’s also far from Srinagar, we took an eight-hour drive to reach, which was also a bit risky. But we got snow there in the month of May, which was such welcome surprise!

Kamal Savla and Nikita Gogri at a botanical park in Kokernag, Kashmir

Another place that stole our hearts was a small botanical garden in Kokernag from where we took this selfie. We had this whole garden to ourselves as there was hardly anyone there. It was drizzling slightly and there was spring water passing right through the park. Standing there in that greenery it was so quiet, beautiful and serene and had to capture that with a selfie to remind us of one of our best memories of places to see in Kashmir.

Anusha Rao: Trekking through ice on the Perito Moreno Glacier trek, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier – in Los Glaciares National Park (the largest in Agentina and a UNESCO site) in Santa Cruz province is one of the most unique glaciers in the world. While most glaciers are receding, Perito Moreno grows up to two meters every day (but loses a bit every day, too).To kick the trek off, the bus dropped us off at a jetty from where we took a boat to the trekking point. After having left our bags, we started off for our mini trek to the glacier. We walked through a glacier beach and a walkway where we could view the glacier in its entirety all around us. We then put on our crampons (which are essential to walk on the ice) and then the most spectacular trek of my life began.

Anusha Rao went trekking on ice in Patagonia and captured the adventure for her travel album

Initially, it was a little difficult to walk on ice with your crampons but after a while, you get used to it. We started slow and were given instructions on how not to fall off while walking.

We were then taken to a vantage point which had the huge walls of the glacier facing us, the sight was mind-blowing! We continued our trek for an hour and a half through icy peaks, cracks, small ponds, and columns of glacial ice to arrive at a glacial lagoon… It was an astounding moment. No matter how much I write and try to articulate my feelings, nothing can even come close to what I felt standing there. It surely was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life… a truly breath-taking landscape!

Rashmee & Anant: Our drone selfie in Bali reminds us of how being spontaneous can make a world of difference

We took this drone selfie back in 2019 during our trip to Bali, at a time when not many people had heard of the Gili Islands. Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan comprise the Gili Islands.

Rashmee & Anant had a stunning picture of their Bali holiday captured by a drone

It all began with a recommendation from a fellow traveller at our hostel in Bali. She had just returned from there and felt it was the most underrated gem of Indonesia, and just like that, we found ourselves on a ferry to Gili Air. These islands are very different from others, and one of the first things we learned was that there were no taxis or tuk-tuks. Instead, the islands embraced an eco-friendly ethos, relying solely on horse carts and bicycle carts for transportation. It was a whole new adventure for us. We cycled around this fascinating island, exploring its beautiful coastline. We discovered this beautiful swing in the water and had a blast trying to swing against the waves.This selfie always reminds me of how being open and spontaneous can make a world of difference in your travel experience. We stayed a week here and got to see some incredible sights. We snorkelled with turtles here which were just 30 meters off the beach. We hired a boat and checked out the other two Gili Islands as well. One of the most unique sights was of the underwater statues called The Nest. If you ever make a plan to visit Bali, definitely take a few days to explore the Gili Islands as well.

Rajani Dhar: Pangong Tso is like being caught in a ‘wow’ loop

I live right next to a beach in Goa, but I never took to water due to my fear of deep waters until I visited Pangong Tso for two days. It’s breath-taking! I was caught in a ‘wow’ loop, and everything about this place feels unreal. Pangong has provided me with many first-time experiences, and two days weren’t enough.

Rajani Dhar in postcard-pretty Pangong Tso

On the first day, I sat there marvelling at the clear water and sky, feeling humbled by the surroundings. The following day, I spent my time once more, simply observing the mountains and the changing colours around me. I often refer to this place as a ‘Windows HD wallpaper.’

While I did explore other renowned destinations in Leh, there’s just something about Pangong that captivates me. It definitely left a lasting impression that sets it apart from the rest.

However, when I arrived in Leh, I knew I’d become a mountain person, yet I enjoyed both. But if you were to ask me now, I’d give up beaches for mountains and lakes anyway. 

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