Saturday, June 15, 2024

NFL, Roger Goodell backing advancement of flag football

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addresses reporters at owners meetings May 23 in Eagan, Minn. (Andy Clayton-King — The Associated Press)

The NFL’s dedication to expanding flag football starts at the top.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has been fully invested in growing the non-contact version of the most popular sport in the United States. Flag football introduces more people, including folks around the world, to the NFL so it’s a wise commitment for a league that wants to become a global powerhouse.

“We always thought it was important,” Goodell told The Associated Press about making flag football a priority. “But I think we really feel, at this time, there is strong momentum, strong need, particularly for women, to be able to participate in a sport that they hadn’t had the opportunity to do. This was a chance for us to do it internationally on a global basis, with young women and young boys, and really build it across different levels, from youth to high school to college and maybe someday a professional league.

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