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May 27-June 2: Your weekly horoscope breakdown from Aries to Pisces – Times of India

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Love: Support from family and friends, exchange small gifts of appreciation.
Work: Be selective about whom you help.
Health: Eat healthily.
Lucky number: 6
Lucky colour: Red

Love: Progress and growth in relationships.
Work: Good news and fruitful project results.
Health: Focus on spiritual growth.
Lucky number: 1
Lucky colour: Pink

Love: Avoid lust and focus on genuine love.
Work: Be cautious of toxic environments.
Health: Feelings of control and invasion can be alleviated by working out.
Lucky number: 5
Lucky colour: Orange

Love: Potential breakups, manage anger.
Work: Consider a different approach and take a step back.
Health: Self-care to regain power.
Lucky number: 9
Lucky colour: Burnt Orange

Love: Loyalty is key, plan for the future.
Work: Be clear about goals and ensure fairness.
Health: Practice forgiveness.
Lucky number: 8
Lucky colour: Peach

Love: Long waits may not be worthwhile.
Work: Possible delays and frustration.
Health: (Health advice is missing in the original text)
Lucky number: 4
Lucky colour: Brown

Love: Harmonious family relationships.
Work: Financial success, innovate project management.
Health: Invest in physical health.
Lucky number: 3
Lucky colour: Mauve

Love: Importance of family growth, consider a bigger home.
Work: Focus on securing a permanent contract.
Health: Mind-body connection.
Lucky number: 4
Lucky colour: Light Blue

Love: Consider breakups due to conflicts.
Work: Stand firm in your beliefs.
Health: Small progress adds up.
Lucky number: 2
Lucky colour: Dark Grey

Love: Good companionship is coming.
Work: Avoid seductive traps at work.
Health: Don’t skip meals.
Lucky number: 5
Lucky colour: Purple

Love: Friends may turn into rivals.
Work: Distract yourself from bothersome issues.
Health: Walk to maintain steps.
Lucky number: 1
Lucky colour: Blue

Love: Potential for marriage.
Work: Gain knowledge before proceeding.
Health: Prioritise mental health over money.
Lucky number: 6
Lucky colour: Green

This article is written by Prasidhi Aneja – Celebrity Tarot, Psychic, Spiritual Healer & Life Coach.

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