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Marubeni Invests in U.S. Company AiDash for Satellite and AI-Powered Infrastructure Maintenance Solutions

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Apr. 24, 2024
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has invested in AiDash, a U.S.-based solution provider that utilizes satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize and digitize operations and maintenance for critical infrastructure such as electricity, gas, and water networks. In AiDash’s Series C funding round, in which Marubeni participated, the company raised over USD 50 million from lead investor Lightrock and other investors, including Benhamou Global Ventures, SE Ventures, G2 Venture Partners, Shell Ventures, and National Grid Partners.

AiDash provides SaaS (Software as a Service) that combines high-resolution satellite imagery with AI to enable satellite-based operations and maintenance for utilities, roads and railways, and other critical infrastructure industries with geographically dispersed assets. Power grid infrastructure is currently facing reliability challenges from the expansion of renewable energy, worsening climate disasters such as wildfires, and cost increases due to labor shortages. AiDash provides a comprehensive vegetation management solution for electricity networks, from risk assessment-based vegetation management planning to operational management and inspection tracking. This solution has received high praise from power companies and grid operators. AiDash offers other services that contribute to optimization and digitalization of operations and maintenance of critical infrastructure, plus biodiversity impact analysis for developers.

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Automated workflows with an integrated web and field mobile app
Automated workflows with an integrated web and field mobile app

This investment in AiDash marks another step by Marubeni in the field of grid resiliency and operational enhancement, following its previous investment in LineVision Inc., a U.S.-based Dynamic Line Rating technology company to expand grid capacity using real-time grid monitoring and analytics. With this investment, Marubeni will support AiDash’s planned expansion into the Asia-Pacific region by 2025 and its access to critical infrastructure businesses worldwide. 

Through investments in and partnerships with startups with cutting-edge technology and business models, Marubeni aims to help expand solutions for critical infrastructures to contribute to solving social and environmental issues.

AiDash Company Overview:
Company Name: AiDash
Head Office: California, USA
Establishment: January 2019
Representative: Abhishek Vinod Singh
Main Business: Optimization and digitalization solutions for maintenance operations of public infrastructure using satellite imagery
Website: https://www.aidash.com/

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