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Lucid, EVIQ sign MoU to set up high-speed public charging infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

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RIYADH: Airlines will now experience uninterrupted connectivity services via the aviation industry’s first open-architecture, multi-orbit global network powered by regional partners including Neo Space Group — a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

Luxembourg-based satellite telecommunications company SES has announced a collaboration with several regional operators to launch its inflight network, promising seamless global connectivity for airlines.

According to a press release, this Ka-band platform will merge the geostationary earth orbit and medium earth orbit satellite networks of SES including Neo Space Group, AeroSat Link, a subsidiary of China Satcom, and Hughes Communications India.

The SES Open Orbits initiative aims to integrate regional satellite coverage into a global inflight connectivity service, allowing airline passengers uninterrupted connectivity. 

This technology is designed to link global and regional satellites to offer consistent inflight internet, enhancing the experience with high-quality video, data, and communication services comparable to ground-based offerings.

The Global Head of Aviation for SES, Elias Zaccack, emphasized the transformative potential of SES Open Orbits, stating: “By spearheading the creation of SES Open Orbits using an open architecture that supports multiple orbits and multiple waveforms, SES is enabling more satellite operators and inflight service providers to participate in the global market for inflight connectivity.”

Philippe Carette, head of the aerospace segment at PIF, expressed enthusiasm for NSG’s involvement, saying: “NSG is excited to be among the first global partners to join the SES Open Orbits inflight connectivity network.”

NSG was established in May to invest in local and international assets and capabilities, as well as promising venture capital opportunities, to catalyze the advancement and localization of sector-specific expertise. 

The company will contribute to the development and deployment of the latest cutting-edge technologies in the space industry through its four dedicated business segments: satellite communications, earth observation and remote sensing, satellite navigation and Internet of Things, as well as a satellite and space-focused venture capital fund.

China Satcom Vice President Yufei Shen noted the significance of SES’ partnership for the Asia-Pacific region, stating: “Connecting flights over, in, and out of China, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region is extremely important to most major airlines around the world. China Satcom is extremely pleased to partner with SES to help bring a whole new level of inflight connectivity by leveraging our Ka-band network.”

Shivaji Chatterjee, CEO, president, and managing director of HCI, added: “We will also bring our deep experience in providing end-to-end connectivity services in multiple verticals to our partnership with SES to help ensure the best possible passenger experience to airlines using this exciting, first-of-its-kind inflight connectivity network.”

As a managed service provider of Airbus’ HBCplus program, SES Open Orbits will also be accessible to participating airlines. Additionally, SES is working with Safran Passenger Innovations to offer SES Open Orbits on Boeing aircraft through the Boeing TSA process.

This collaboration represents a major step forward for the inflight process, aiming to enhance passenger experiences by delivering reliable, high-quality connectivity worldwide.

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