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Local clubs boosted by record infrastructure support – Cricket Victoria

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A total of 85 projects were funded this year and will generate more than $38.2 million in partnered investment with Federal, State and Local Governments.

Since the ACIF was first launched, the program has invested nearly $7 million in Victorian cricket facilities, generating a total project value of over $232 million.

The projects funded include new and redeveloped playing ovals, training nets and practice pitches, pavilions, change rooms and amenities among other facilities.

Cricket Victoria CEO Nick Cummins said facilities were a critical asset for growth.

“Our infrastructure program – through the ACIF and our partnership with Cricket Australia and the ACA – has a real and visible outcome for cricket clubs. New and upgraded facilities – big or small – are fundamental to retain participants, support growth and ensure cricket remains really desirable to be involved in,” Cummins said.

Cricket Victoria Local Government and Infrastructure Manager, Callum Dean said the program continued to be heavily-subscribed by clubs and councils across the state.

“The ACIF has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the cricket community and Victoria has been a leading beneficiary of this program since inception,” Dean said.

“This year we had in excess of 120 applications and to be able to fund almost 100 of those requests is a great outcome. We also take a proactive approach to those projects that we weren’t able to fund this year – we continue to support their preparation and conversations with local stakeholders so they can re-apply in the next round.”

Highlighted metropolitan and regional local projects:

Canterbury Cricket Club
This project involves the construction of new change rooms for the club’s growing women and girls’ teams as well as for umpires. The project includes the refurbishment of the existing facilities to improve the viewing areas and social amenities to create a modern, welcoming and inclusive community facility.

Barkly Street Uniting Cricket Club, Maribyrnong
The October 2022 Maribyrnong River flooding caused significant damage the club’s pavilion and training facilities. The funding will be used to repair the synthetic training net pitches, concrete base and chain mesh netting. Barkly Street Uniting Cricket Club has 135 players involved.

Lurbeck-Murtoa Cricket Club (near Horsham)
This project involves the construction of a new synthetic centre pitch at Murtoa Recreation Reserve to bring the facility in line with current standards. The club is home to 80 members.

Woorinen Cricket Club (near Swan Hill)
The project involves the demolition and reconstruction of a new three-bay synthetic training net facility. This will lead to increased participation opportunities and improve the safety of the club’s 65 members.

For a full of successful list of successful projects click here – CV Successful Projects 22-23.

Applications for the next round of funding for the ACIF in Victoria will open on 29 January, 2024.

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