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June Mailbag, Part II: Green Bay and the NFL Machine

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To the heathen who left a wayward flosser in the parking lot of this Starbucks in Orchard Park, NY, allow this to serve as warning: You will be found. You will be destroyed. We’ve addressed “Shopping Cart Guy” and “Elevator Guy” many times over. Far too many citizens of this great country continue to abandon their carts out of sheer laziness and enter elevators before those on the elevator exit out of selfishness.

It’s now time for the “Floss to Toss” to receive the same level of public shame.

If you somehow witness someone in your neighborhood throw a flosser onto the ground, Jack Tatum-style clotheslines are fully permitted.

As promised, let’s get to Part II of the June Mailbag.

(Part I is here, icymi, and we’ll get to the rest of your inquiries in Part III. Email me any time at

Thank you all for your superb entries.

Hi Tyler,

What do you and the NFL feel about the stadium issues in Green Bay and Kansas City? The city of Green Bay stopped negotiations extending the Packers’ lease even though there are seven years left on the current lease agreement. The Packers, in turn, stopped $80 million in improvements to the stadium which will affect the 2025 draft. I do not believe either team is going anywhere but one of the 2 better outdoor stadiums and 2 of the best fan bases that these deals would be a slam dunk. 

Thanks again for your hard work you do for this amazing platform. 

Steve in De Pere, Wisc.

Greetings, Steve. Let’s honestly hire you as a De Pere correspondent on this matter. I’d love to hear what the locals think about this.

We touched on the Chiefs in Part I, so let’s stick to the Packers here and try to spell out all points of view. A drive across the state of Wisconsin is always jarring, isn’t it? Fields… fields… woods… fields… woods… more fields… STADIUM. There’s nothing else like the Green Bay Packers in sports.

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