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Infrastructure Distribution Solutions For Data Centers Market Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth And Forecast To 2031 | 42U, ABB, Blue Sun Automation, Cisco, Danfoss

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Infrastructure Distribution Solutions For Data Centers Market

Market Overview:

Infrastructure distribution solutions for data centers are systems used to efficiently distribute resources like power, cooling and connectivity within data centers. These resources help support and operate servers, networking equipment and other IT assets in data centers.

Market Dynamics:

The infrastructure distribution solutions for data centers market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period. This is mainly attributed to the growing need for efficient cooling systems in data centers. Data centers consuming high power require efficient cooling infrastructure to prevent overheating of servers. With the increasing digitization across industries, the demand for data storage is also growing exponentially. This is resulting in the need to enhance data center capacity and improve infrastructure, thereby driving the demand for infrastructure distribution solutions like power distribution units, cooling systems and cabling infrastructure in the market. Furthermore, efforts by data center operators to reduce operational costs and gain efficiencies is also boosting adoption of infrastructure distribution solutions for streamlining resource distribution within data centers.

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Infrastructure Distribution Solutions For Data Centers Market: Driver – Increasing Demand For Uninterrupted And Reliable Power Delivery Solutions:

The global data center market is growing rapidly driven by the rise in big data analytics, IoT, and cloud computing. With more companies adopting hybrid IT infrastructure strategies, the demand for reliable data center infrastructure is increasing. Ensuring uninterrupted power supply is a key priority for data center operators to avoid downtime and protect mission-critical systems and data. Traditional UPS and diesel generator backup systems are unable to provide the level of reliability required for today’s data centers. This is driving increased adoption of intelligent power distribution solutions that offer higher power density, flexibility, and redundancy. Solutions like modular PDUs, intelligent rack PDUs, transfers switches and switches are widely being deployed as they enable efficient power distribution within data center racks while also providing real-time power monitoring and control capabilities. Their ability to seamlessly transition loads between different power sources helps data centers achieve upto 99.999% availability.

Infrastructure Distribution Solutions For Data Centers Market: Driver – Increasing Focus on Data Center Infrastructure Optimization:

As the volume of data and workload being handled by data centers grows exponentially each year, the importance of optimizing data center infrastructure is also rising. Data center operators are under constant pressure to enhance infrastructure utilization, reduce power consumption, optimize cooling requirements and improve flexibility. This is driving increased adoption of intelligent infrastructure management solutions that leverage sensors, power and environmental monitoring, and automation capabilities. Solutions like metered branch circuit monitoring, hot/cold aisle containment, and dynamic rack PDUs help data center operators dynamically reconfigure power circuits based on utilization levels, reducing unnecessary power consumption from unused servers. They also enable precision temperature and airflow control for optimal cooling efficiency. Such optimization enabled by advanced distribution solutions helps data centers lower operating costs and carbon footprint while supporting growing computing demands through infrastructure optimization.

Infrastructure Distribution Solutions For Data Centers Market: Restrain – High Initial Cost of Deploying Advanced Distribution Solutions:

While intelligent power distribution and infrastructure management solutions offer significant long-term benefits in terms of efficiency, availability and optimization, their upfront costs tend to be higher compared to traditional UPS and cabling solutions. Deploying solutions like modular PDUs, intelligent rack PDUs, transfer switches, metered fittings and dynamic racking requires substantial capital investments. For data center operators, especially those with tight budgets or existing aging infrastructure, such high initial deployment costs pose a major challenge. Evaluating ROI over longer duration and assessing utilization levels make it difficult to justify replacement of traditional infrastructure in the short-term. This risk-averse mentality acts as a key restraint for broader adoption of advanced distribution solutions in some sectors. Vendors have to focus on value engineering, flexible financing options and showcasing quantifiable ROI to help customers overcome the initial cost barriers.

Infrastructure Distribution Solutions For Data Centers Market: Opportunity – Growing Edge Data Center Deployments:

The rapid growth of IoT, AI, and 5G is driving an increasing need for distributed edge data center deployments located closer to major metropolitan endpoints and access networks. Several hyperscalers and colocation providers are building or leasing micro and modular data centers within existing commercial real estate properties to support low-latency edge applications. Here, efficient power delivery and flexible scalable infrastructure take on even greater importance to support fluctuating demands at edge locations that see workloads varying throughout the day based on end-user activity patterns. This growing edge data center infrastructure market presents a major opportunity for vendors to provide optimized edge-specific solutions that offer rack-level deployable form factors, dynamic load balancing, built-in monitoring and easy scalability features required to support flexible edge infrastructure needs. Offering lower upfront costs through pay-as-you-grow opex models rather than traditional capex models could further fuel adoption.

Infrastructure Distribution Solutions For Data Centers Market: Trend – Rising Adoption of AI and Analytics for Proactive Infrastructure Management:

A key trend observed across the data center industry is the growing use of artificial intelligence, advanced sensors and analytics for taking infrastructure management to the next level. Data center operators are increasingly leveraging real-time infrastructure monitoring data from solutions like PDUs, transfer switches, environmental controls etc and feeding them into AI platforms.

Some of the Major Companies covered in this Research are:

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✦ Blue Sun Automation

✦ Cisco

✦ Danfoss

✦ Delta Infrasuite


✦ Fujitsu Global


✦ Rahi Systems

✦ Schneider Electric Global

✦ TechTarget

By Types:

✦ Power Distribution Facility Solutions

✦ Cooling Facility Solutions

✦ Network Facility Solutions

✦ Fire Protection Solutions

✦ Ventilation Solutions

✦ Other

By Applications:

✦ Finance

✦ Healthcare

✦ Telecommunications

✦ Other

Key highlights of the report:

• Infrastructure Distribution Solutions For Data Centers Market Performance (2019-2023)

• Market Outlook (2024-2031)

• Market Trends

• Market Drivers and Success Factors

• SWOT Analysis

• Value Chain Analysis

• Comprehensive mapping of the competitive landscape

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