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How would travel look in the future? | TTG Asia

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TTG’s editorial team is strapped into Dr Brown’s DeLorean and ready to blast forward 50 years to see how travel and tourism would be like

“Social media will disable geotag functions for travel content related to ecologically sensitive locations and living heritage sites, so that travellers cannot identify and swarm these destinations. Access to hidden gems of the world are only via authorised, sustainable-certified local residents who are topic experts.”
Karen Yue
Group editor

“Everyone would have fulfilled their travel bucket list by then, including travelling to the moon, so travel desires are now back to good, old basics – lazy weekend getaways!”
Mimi Hudoyo
Editor, Indonesia

“Space tourism is so common now, with many private companies in the field and operating with government subsidies. Everyone can afford a sojourn in space.”
Rohit Kaul
Correspondent, India

“Earth’s surface is a bit crowded, so humans are getting away from it all. Space bubble gardens are a thing, so are underwater hotels.”
Adelaine Ng

Correspondent, Australia

“There is no more doubt about the effects of global warming and everyone makes a conscious effort to protect the planet. Hence, access to ecologically sensitive locations, like the Himalayas or coral reefs, is reserved for responsible travellers. There is also an additional cost for visiting such places.”
Fish Chan


“Decision-making on travel destinations and tourism options is now led by VR and AR experiences. Tourism show exhibitors, travel agents and tour organisers use this technology to help travellers choose where and when to go, as well as what to see and do.”
Kathryn Wortley
Correspondent, Japan

“Checking out destinations ahead of booking is now a multisensory experience. You can see, touch, hear, smell, and interact with destination and communities of interest. This can be done at an incredibly low cost, making comprehensive travel planning accessible to all.”
S Puvaneswary
Editor, Malaysia

“Advanced AI now allows me to access my travel memories and recreate episodes, like watching a Netflix series, of places I have visited, from cruising on the Amazon River to explore Brazil’s rainforest to trekking up Mt Annapurna in Nepal. Furthermore, supersonic travel allows me to order and get delivery of some of the amazing food and meals from overseas.”
Caroline Boey
Senior correspondent, China/special projects‌

“No more passports! Biometrics is the way to go for travel globally.”
Melissa Anne Tan 


‌‌“Air travel, including on space rockets, is finally built for the comfort of economy class passengers. No more middle seats while double-decker economy seats are an option. Airplanes also now feature lighting adjustments to regulate circadian rhythms and noise reduction measures.”
Rachel AJ Lee
Assistant editor,

“Travellers are not allowed 
to leave anything bad behind, so they will need to carry home their non-biodegradable trash. Some destinations or hotels may offer an incentive for travellers to do so.”
Feizal Samath 

Correspondent, Sri Lanka

“Airplanes and airports are replaced by teleport machines and teleport hubs. Travellers can be zapped directly to their final destination in accordance to GPS.”
Redmond Sia

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