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High school basketball: Shot clock implemented at Euclid summer league

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Lorain Native Steve Newton (left) from 3rd Coast Hoops and Vance Marbury (right) from Cleveland Am Pro are hosting the third annual 3rd Coast Hoops Euclid Summer League in June at Euclid High School. (Mark Perez-Krywany — The Morning Journal)

The OHSAA might not have a shot clock, but that did not stop Euclid administrator Vance Marbury and Lorain Native Steve Newton.

As much of an eye-soar basketball with no shot clock could be for Marbury, he introduced it to local Northeast Ohio teams in the Cleveland Am Pro’s third annual of the 3rd Coast Hoops Euclid Summer League.

“Honestly, I didn’t want to sit here and watch bad basketball,” said Marbury. “The worst-case scenario is that I put a shot clock up and now they have to play fast.”

The summer league at Euclid started during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Marbury, who also serves as Euclid High School’s Director of Business Affairs, along with Newton kick-started the summer league with the goal to get more Euclid student-athletes a chance to play basketball.

Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary was the first big program to join. This started a domino effect that eventually resulted in state champions St. Ignatius (Division I) and Lutheran East (Division III) also joining.

“The original goal was for Euclid athletes a chance to play some basketball on our campus,” Marbury said. “The goal now is to give student-athletes the opportunity to play in a great environment and play some good competition, with some NBA style rules.”

Several Pro-Am teams joined and even Spire Academy played in the Harold “Doc” Daugherty Gymnasium, as teams were met with Pro-Am rules that included a 24-second shot clock and an extended NBA-range 3-point line.

“I think the shot clock is probably the most unique thing that (out league) does,” said Marbury. “Then, we invite our Pro-Am teams to come play against high school teams. Those two things are some things that separate us from other high school rules.”

3rd Coast Hoops and Cleveland Am Pro — which is NCAA certified — amassed thousands of followers through Facebook, X and Instagram.

“This has grown tremendously,” said Newton. “A lot of teams have shown interest in this, because on one standpoint, teams from one pro-league will play against the higher tier (high school team). That is more competition for them.”

Other teams that played in the league include the likes of Mentor, Euclid, Lorain, Cornerstone Christian, North Canton Hoover and Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin.

“This gives (players) extra exposure,” said Newton. “The summertime is when the grind really starts and it reflects on everything that happens in the winter. A lot of things that they do out here really translate. Some younger guys that might not see the floor, or play (junior varsity) last year, the summer league helps them make that transition into varsity players.”

Newton believes the shot clock adds a unique aspect to the game, and during games at Euclid coaches have not complained about it.

“When they play Pro-Am teams, they play by Pro-Am rules,” Newton said. “The 24-second shot clock is something that coaches like, because a lot of coaches in Ohio are big on wanting to use the shot clock, so they come over to the league. It is good, because it keeps the pace of the game up.”

Cleveland Am Pro started 16 years ago at Cleveland State then went to Walsh University. After an eight-year tenure on the Cavaliers floor, it made the switch to Euclid High School.

As a Lorain native, the boys basketball program’s involvement is something Newton takes a lot of pride in.

“The city of Lorain means everything to me,” Newton said. “Everything that I do is a reflection of Lorain, no matter what. I think the thinking that makes me most proud is that the brand of 3rd Coast Hoops is that no matter what I post or what people see, somehow someway, the majority of people still see Lorain. I don’t even have to post Lorain stuff. I post something and people would (mention) that it is Newton and he’s from Lorain.”

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