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Free Promo Ongkir Makes People More Disgusted Shopping At E-Commerce

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JAKARTA – Free shipping cost promo incentives and various other discounts on electronic trading platforms or e-commerce are said to be attractive to consumers. Research from various institutions shows the tendency of users or shopping consumers, one of which is motivated by the incentive for courier service rates from e-commerce platforms.

This year’s We Are Social research illustrates the shopping style of eCommerce users in the country.

“The loss of free and speed of delivery of goods are also taken into consideration. As many as 47.4 percent of respondents stated that free shipping services are their favorite choice and are the reason they are shopping online. Second, the Next Day (28.5 percent) service is liked by users so that it encourages someone to shop,” the report said, quoted on Tuesday, June 11.

Other research shows that there are a number of reasons consumers prefer to shop for e-commerce, rather than conventionally coming to sik stores. The Populix research institute, which focuses on observing the branding of a company and the market analysis, said that the reason respondents shop for e-commerce, one of which is because it is energy efficient and time (79 percent), free shipping costs (72 percent), cheaper prices (62 percent), and various discounts on spending at e-Commerce (61 percent).

Meanwhile, Kantar’s latest research, almost the same as other institutions that record the shopping style of most Indonesians. What is differentiable, the findings of the research, say buyers at e Commerce are more focused on what goods to buy and also the desire to send goods faster.

Respondents are said to want their shipments to arrive sooner aka on time, according to what was ordered.

This is what encourages e-commerce platforms to offer a variety of services based on the speed or needs of their users rather than offering logistics service companies. Starting from the choice of Instant, Regular, Same Day, Economy / Saving to Cargo.

Like Shopee, the orange-style eCommerce, displays various options based on price categories, speed and delivery service capacities. However, buyers can still replace available logistics companies based on the categories they selected after checkout, before the seller sends the goods.

Likewise in Tokopedia, Lazada and Tiktok Shop. The name of the logistics company is not listed in the first choice of delivery services. There are only options for the Instant, Regular, Same Day, Economics / Savings and Cargo categories along with the delivery rates.

On the other hand, Chairman of the E-commerce Logistics Entrepreneurs Association (APLE) Sonny Harsono, said that almost all e-commerce players in Indonesia carry out cross-sale or cross-promotion interpretations which are one of the marketing strategies.

According to Sony, the display of logistical options based on categories and services to customers is a natural thing. This is intended to make it easier for customers to choose the type of delivery service.

“Because from observations and what we experienced ourselves in the Shopee pla orm field, we still use logistics services other than his own so that it does not meet the class of monopoly and oligopoly. Because there are more than 3 courier companies that are still working together actively with Shopee,” said Sonny recently.

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