Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Five Things To Watch In Seahawks 2024 Minicamp

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3. How are Geno Smith and Sam Howell developing in a new offensive, and how does new QB P.J. Walker look up close?

The Seahawks are still installing their schemes on both offense and defense, so what we see this week is far from a finished product, but minicamp will still provide an extended look at how starter Geno Smith and backup Sam Howell look as they adjust to Ryan Grubb’s offense, one that Smith and Howell have both raved about already this offseason.

Smith said he’s expecting “great things” out of Grubb’s offense, noting “I feel like I’m a drop-back passer and I feel like this is a drop-back offense.” While Howell added, “it’s going to be a lot of fun to be a quarterback in this offense.”

Grubb, meanwhile, has been impressed with those two quarterbacks so far.

“They’re awesome,” he said. “They’re freaking awesome. They are. I think that they’re both really, really hard workers. They’re very diligent, intelligent and I know that it means a lot to them and I think that their leadership in the room and how they react and work together says a lot about the kind of guys that they are. That they understand the team concept and they’re both fighting to get better every day. And I couldn’t be more happy with number one, where they’re at. And then the type of guys that management has brought into this place have done a really good job.”

Asked about his offense and how it fits Smith, Grubb added, “I think that there is a really good marriage there with some of the skillset that Geno has. I think that we ask our quarterbacks to do a lot. Luckily for us, Geno’s really athletic as well. I think for us we don’t have to limit it to just drop back. I think he’s really good in the play action game as well, which will be a big part of our offense. And I think for us it’s not just the five step all the time, but I do think that Geno is really good at getting the ball out on time and very efficient with the football, which he obviously showed in 2022, led the league and completion percentage. I think that’s something that that marriage, understanding how to get the ball out on time and really take care of the football is something that works really well.”

This week will also be a first-look at P.J. Walker after the veteran quarterback signed on Monday, though he will be playing catchup and may be limited in what he is able to do so soon after signing.

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