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Donna spends $90 travelling to Brisbane for work every week. A new trial will see that slashed to $5

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Gold Coast commuters who catch the train to Brisbane will save up to $28 a day from August, with public transport fares to be slashed to $1 return.

Queenslanders will pay 50 cents for each trip on a train, bus, ferry and light rail from August 5 — for any distance and in any direction — with the state government introducing a six-month trial.

Donna Douthwaite from Kirra on the Gold Coast says she spends $90 a week travelling to Brisbane to work, and as a single mother the price dop will “help out so much”. 

“The cost of living is insane at the moment,” she says.


What are the savings?  

Among the biggest winners will be those who travel between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

During peak times — which is before 8:30am and after 3:30pm on weekdays — it costs $14.55 one way to travel across three zones in the Translink network.

That adds up to $145.50 for a return journey five days a week at peak times. From August 5, it will cost $5 — a saving of $140.50 a week. 


Across six months that adds up to $3,492 for a commuter travelling five days a week, but for the six-month trial, the same journey will cost $120.

For a concession fare, it costs $7.28 to travel between Brisbane and the Gold Coast at peak times, meaning those who hold an eligible Go Card will save $6.78 each way.

For those who travel between Rosewood in Ipswich and Brisbane, it costs $8.72 one-way at peak times or $87.20 a week, with potential savings of up to $82.20 a week.

To travel between Caboolture or Beenleigh to Brisbane it costs $6.63 in peak times in one direction for an adult. From August 5, commuters will save $61.30 if travelling return five days a week. 

Travelling between Shorncliffe and Brisbane City costs $4.34 one way, which is $43.40 return five days a week and will be slashed by $38.40 during the trial.

How long will the cheap fares last?

The trial will start on August 5, and run for six months. 

Premier Steven Miles says the trial is designed to ease congestion on roads and help with the cost of living.

He says a campaign will rollout with the price change, which will include the message “use it or lose it”.

“If it doesn’t work … it won’t continue,” Mr Miles said when making the announcement on Sunday. 

Commuters on the Gold Coast are set to be among the biggest winners.(ABC News: Julia Andre)

Ross Elliott, who is the director of Suburban Futures, says paying 50 cents will allow for the government to determine how popular each route is. 

“The question is going to be, other than an initial flush on enthusiasm, what is that patronage going to settle back into?”

He says people on the road tend to be those heading to schools, the shops and the gym rather than to work. 

“We have this fixation it is all about the commuter driving themselves to work — [they’re] not the main person on the road.”

Who will pay 50 cents?

Fares will cost 50 cents for all travellers. 

This means that concession fares will not apply during this time. 

Translink says children aged five to 14 will still be able to travel free on weekends using their orange child Go Card.

Children aged four years older and under will still be able to travel for free at all times.

Airtrain services will not be included

The 50 cent fare will apply to buses, trains, ferries, trams and all regional buses in Queensland that are operated by Translink. 

It will not include Airtrain services that run to and from Brisbane’s international and domestic airport terminals. 


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