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Dame Judi Dench reveals her retirement from acting amid deteriorating eyesight

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Dame Judi Dench hints at retirement: More inside

Dame Judi Dench has recently revealed she plans to retire from acting amid her battles with weak eyesight.

Speaking to The Mirror, Dench, who last appeared in 2022’s Spirited, mentioned she has no “future acting projects in the pipeline,” adding, “No, no, I can’t even see!”

The outlet went for a clarification on Dench’s comments but her agent said there was nothing more to say.

“Judi has nothing more to add than all she mentioned to the journalist,” remarked the actress’ agent.

However, Dench opened up that she had no plans to retire from acting in her 2022 interview with BBC show.

“I don’t want to retire. I’m not doing much at the moment because I can’t see. It’s bad,” said the 89-year-old.

Dench stated, “I have a photographic memory so a person saying to me, ”This is your line…’ I can do that .”

The actress disclosed that she could not see her food on the plate while she went out for dinner with her partner David Mills at the time.

“He cut it up and handed something to me on a fork and that’s the way I ate it,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Dench explained why she was not doing any movie.

“Our book has come out (Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays The Rent), we’re going to Cheltenham Book Fair and then I’m going to do three shows with Gyles Brandreth,” she added.

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