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‘Bigger than some people’s NYC city apartment!’ – Aussie travel influencer raves about Qatar business experience – Travel Weekly

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An Australian travel influencer said his travel experience is “forever changed” after experiencing Qatar’s business flight offering.

Jorden Tually, who has nearly 450,000 Instagram followers and 2.32 million YouTube subscribers, shared a video detailing his experience of travelling with Qatar business which, according to Skytrax, is the No.1-rated airline for business.

“I’ve actually never flown in a legit business class so when I got these tickets I was slightly freaking out,” Tually told his followers.

“I instantly realised how spacious these Qsuites are and that my experience with flying was about to change forever.” He described his three-course meal as “fine dining in the sky” and said the Qsuite was “bigger than some people’s New York City Apartments”.


The video, posted last week, has already hit 250,000 YouTube views. When asked how he paid for the ticket and whether the post was “sponsored” – Tually said he was “upgraded” by Qatar.

Social media is gaining increasing clout when it comes to driving travel sales. New research from The State of Student and Youth Travel found that 89 per cent of Gen Z said they discover new travel destinations through the platform and 40 per cent have booked travel as a result of something they have seen on TikTok.

The Qsuite reveal ceremony back in 2017.

Qatar launched Qsuites back in 2017. Back then they were the industry’s first-ever double beds available in business. They include privacy panels which allow passengers in adjoining seats to create their own private room.

Despite fears around the cost-of-living crisis, business travel seems to be on the up.

Business and first-class travel among Australian corporates grew by 43 per cent in 2023 according to data from Flight Centre Travel Group’s flagship corporate divisions, FCM Travel and Corporate Traveller released earlier this year.

Business class fares made up 5.6 per cent of all corporate bookings in 2023, up from four per cent in 2022. First class passengers made up three per cent of business travel bookings, up from two per cent over the same period.

Global FCM COO/Flight Centre corporate MD for ANZ, Melissa Elf, said 8.6 per cent of corporates booking Business or first class travel was a sign of healthy business activity.

“Growing popularity at the front end of the plane reflects growth and stability across Australian businesses,” Elf said.

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