Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Australians brace for cold snap as temperatures plunge

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Winter is well and truly here, with Australians set to shiver as temperatures plummet later this week.

Temperatures in most states are set to dip into single digits, with Canberra dipping into the negatives.

Sydneysiders will shiver through minimums of 7C and 8C from Thursday, with maximum temperatures of 17C and 18C expected.

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Melburnians will see the minimum temperature plunge down to 4C on Saturday, with a high of 14C.

From Wednesday, the minimum temperature will stay below 10C, with highs of 12C to 14C.

In Brisbane, temperatures are also set to dip down to single digits.

From Friday, residents will shiver through 8C and 9C mornings, with highs of 21C.

In Adelaide, temperatures will also drop to single digits from Thursday, with one 6C morning expected.

Minimum temperatures of 9C are expected from Thursday through Saturday, with a minimum of 8C on Sunday and a minimum of 6C on Monday.

Maximum temperatures are expected to range from 15C to 17C.

In Hobart, minimum temperatures are expected to dip down to 6C from Wednesday.

Maximum temperatures of 10C to 12C are expected.

Temperatures in Canberra are set to drop the most, with Canberrans set to shiver through a -3C morning.

From Thursday, temperatures will dip down to -3C to -1C, with maximum temperatures of 11C to 13C.

Even Perth residents are set to see temperatures plunge, with 10C mornings expected from Thursday.

Maximum temperatures of 19C to 21C are expected.

However, Darwin residents are not set to get much of a reprieve, with minimum temperatures of 19C expected.

Maximum temperatures of 31C to 32C are expected.

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