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AquaMetro teams up with the Vortex Companies to deliver trenchless infrastructure rehabilitation solutions

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When it comes to the Australian water industry, AquaMetro, a utility infrastructure services provider, only has one approach, and that is to provide world-class solutions focusing on client needs.

It is this commitment to Australia’s people, community and environment that led AquaMetro into a strategic alliance with the Vortex Companies, one the fastest growing trenchless infrastructure solutions companies in the world.

Operating globally, Vortex is focused on providing water, sewer, and industrial customers a broad range of industry leading, cost-effective trenchless solutions and technical expertise, best suited for their project needs.

In partnership with Vortex, AquaMetro is now in the unique position to offer rehabilitation products (Geopolymers, hybrid cements, epoxies, and patching materials), Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining solutions (traditional and UV CIPP liners, resins and curing monitoring systems), sewer robots and accessories, custom installation equipment, and first-class training.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Vortex Companies, founded on mutual dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering transformative solutions in the trenchless industry,” AquaMetro chief executive officer (CEO) Manish Pancholi said. “Vortex brings a wealth of expertise and experience in trenchless technology they excel in, which perfectly complements our own offerings.

“Together, we are confident that we can provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of solutions enabling delivery of smart and innovative infrastructure in Australian market.”

Aqua Metro
A Picote Robotic trenchless system.

Vortex Companies chief executive officer Mike Vellano was likewise enthusiastic about the partnership.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with AquaMetro Services to help them expand the trenchless infrastructure rehabilitation industry in Australia,” he said. “Their success installing GeoKrete using the Quadex Lining System has firmly entrenched them as a leading trenchless provider in their market. We are looking forward to AquaMetro expanding their solution suite.”

With so much of Australia’s infrastructure in need of repair, AquaMetro is ready to serve the Australian market with right technological solution. AquaMetro also brings its technical expertise, local support, and experience to create a path forward for broader acceptance of trenchless technologies as an alternative to traditional and more costly “dig and replace” methods.

Through its partnership, AquaMetro plans to introduce the following trenchless solutions: products for structural restoration, and corrosion protection – GeoKrete® Geopolymer and Hybrid Cements.

Aqua MetroAqua Metro
Before and after GeoKrete rehabilitation.

From large-diameter structures such as failing sewer pipes above 900mm, storm culverts and tunnels to corroded concrete and brick maintenance holes, AquaMetro offers a broad range of materials to address every step of the rehabilitation process.

Depending on the condition of the structure, GeoKrete Geopolymer and line Hybrid Cements can be spin or spray-applied to deliver the structural protection needed. Through the application of GeoKrete product in Australia, AquaMetro has been able to save 3500t CO2 emissions for its clients as compared to Calcium Aluminum silicate.

CIPP lining solutions

CIPP lining is widely accepted for of pipeline rehabilitation. Vortex has been the leading provider of a turnkey CIPP solution that includes liners, resins, equipment, curing monitoring technology.

AquaMetro is now offering these solutions to the Australian water industry:

  • UV CIPP System: UV-CIPP is gaining in popularity due to its inherent environmental benefits and technologically advanced installation methods. Vortex has packaged a premier UV CIPP system solution, including lining (EnviroCure UV), curing technology (IMS), custom truck builds, training, and tech/field support. UV-CIPP can be installed up to 1800mm in diameter and performs well in colder conditions.
  • VeriCure CIPP Curing Monitoring System: VeriCure® is a breakthrough technology developed to improve the CIPP curing process. Its ability to monitor the temperature during the liner installation helps ensure a 360° cure throughout the length of the host pipe.
  • CIPP H20® for Water Mains delivers fiberglass strength with traditional felt liner performance to provide innovative CIPP custom solutions for potable water applications in diameters ranging from 150–1200mm.
  • Quad-Cure® Liners (100–200mm) are designed for small-diameter mains and laterals. Multiple styles are available to address the pipe materials and conditions.
  • Quad-Cure Resins: Vortex formulates and manufactures a family of specialty resins for a complete range of CIPP applications, including includes standard, accelerated, extended and UV cure options.
Aqua MetroAqua Metro
A graphic representation of the EnviroCure CIPP system.

Schwalm Sewer Robotic Systems

Vortex is one of the world’s largest sellers of Schwalm robots, the industry’s most dependable and durable robotic cutter and lateral reinstatement system. The Schwalm Talpa series delivers fast and efficient grinding and cutting solutions. With multiple custom-designed attachments, it makes pipe cleaning and repairs a breeze. Depend on Schwalm for pipe cleaning, debris removal, lateral reinstatement, ultra-high-pressure cleaning, point repairs, and pipe inspection.

Since no two rehabilitation projects are alike, AquaMetro and Vortex are committed to providing the best solution for the job.

To enquire about these technologies and their history of proven performance, contact AquaMetro on 1300 427 124 to learn more.

This article featured in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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