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6 affordable travel bags to safely transport your clubs

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From left, the Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover, Bag Boy T-10 Travel Cover, and Bay Boy Freestyle Travel Cover.


Right now, the golf world is flying everywhere. The LPGA is in France for the Evian Championship, their fourth major of the year, while LIV Golf is in Spain and the PGA Tour and DP World Tour are in Scotland for the Genesis Scottish Open. Then, next week, it’s the Open Championship.

You get the picture. But golf clubs don’t just magically appear after flights or across oceans. They need a trusty travel bag to keep them safe (see where we are going with this?). And you might need one too.

Bag Boy has long been one of the top travel bag companies around — they make great push carts too — and their bags come in a variety of different styles, colors and prices to fit any budget. Six different types of travel bags are currently available on Fairway Jockey, and they range in price from $99 (that’s a steal) up to $230, with four others falling somewhere in-between.

Some have more bells and whistles — like extra padding, lockable zippers, extra pockets, premium wheels and more — but they all are strong and protective enough to do the most important job, which is keep your golf clubs safe.

Scroll below to browse the six Bag Boy travel bags.

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