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There are an estimated three million rats in New York alongside eight million humans.

So, why not give this dividing rodent centre stage at a time when the city is visited the most: New York Fashion Week.

Introducing: RATBOOT.

That’s right – the newly opened New York Studio, Uncommon – created a custom pair of black leather knee-high boots that housed two taxidermied rats in the platform of the boot.

*No rats were harmed in the making of this boot.

RATBOOT made their debut sitting front row at The Blonds show at NYFW, model and rat lover Jenny Assaf proudly wore the custom, one-of-a-kind pair, in an ode to all things classic, gritty, real, and raw New York.

The Instagram creator @inmyseams posted a video of RATBOOT from behind the scenes of a street shoot over the weekend.

The organic post got over 105 million views (and counting). That’s more more views than Taylor Swift’s most recent posts — with her latest reels gaining on average 40M views, and her most viewed recent reel at 92.7M views.

On the decision to create RATBOOT, Nils Leonard of Uncommon Creative Studio said, “As a creative studio, we always love to hold up a mirror to the culture we play in. RATBOOT is a beautiful symbol of that mix. The dirty amid the beautiful design. The icon hidden in the refuse.”

The sole of the shoe has an imprint of a rat alongside Uncommon’s eye logo.

For lovers of New York, fashion and rats – the boots will be available to purchase via auction in the coming weeks.

Proceeds from the sale will go to benefit charity, Mainly Rats Rescue, a non-profit that finds forever homes for rehabilitated rats. Stay tuned.

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