Monday, June 17, 2024

Proposed Dickson Shops upgrade revealed

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The design proposes a series of spaces that encourage socialisation and conversation.

The draft design for the Dickson Shops upgrade is now available to view. The ACT Government is seeking feedback and suggestions from the community.

The design enhances the unique identity and character of Dickson shops while providing much needed upgrades and improvements.

Here are some of the elements included in the design:

Safety and pedestrian experience

The designs include enhanced lighting, upgraded paving and widened footpaths. Circulation spaces for pedestrians are included, with more seating opportunities and bicycle parking.

The project proposes widening the pedestrian link from Cowper Street to the post office. It will also consider ways to improve the pedestrian crossing on Badham Street.

An artists impression of a walkway between shops and a road

Providing spaces for the community to gather and socialise is main feature of the design.

It proposes decluttering Taglietti Square (the library plaza) and other courtyards. This would create more spacious, accessible and adaptable areas for small events and activities. This approach also supports outdoor dining.

The design for the area south of the post office includes opportunities for incidental play. This will help to create a family-friendly space that is safety distanced from traffic.

An artists impression of a courtyard at a local shops filled with people.

Existing artworks have been retained and repurposed in the proposal. The landscape design visually aligns with the iconic Dickson Heritage Library, designed by Enrico Taglietti.

The plans propose reusing existing bricks as a feature in the paving design. This supports sustainability and respects the history of the area.

Large mature trees have been kept and there is more greenery to mitigate urban heat.

An artists impression of a crowded courtyard at a local shopping centre.

Consultation is open until 23 April 2024, with construction expected to begin in 2025.

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