Plus-size clothing stores called ‘Fat Girls’ and ‘Moo Moo’ in Thailand

On the plus side, at least the sizes are inclusive.

A dismayed TikToker outed plus-sized clothing stores in Thailand for their outrageous names, such as “Moo Moo” or “Fat Girls.”

In a viral video with a whopping 41 million views, Erika Severini took her nearly 11,000 followers on a tour of local shops in Bangkok, showing off the unusual monikers.

“There was no need to be this savage,” she wrote in the caption to the clip, which blasted the various stores and racked up over 91,000 comments this week.

Among the slew of names that seemed like “bullying” to some viewers: “Beebeefat,” “Fat Girls,” “Fatty Fatgirl,” “Love Calories,” “Moo Moo,” “Thai Fat” and “Fat Cat.”

“Fat Girls” is one of the stores shown in the viral clip.

Shoppings inside a store
Commenters couldn’t believe the bizarre monikers.

While some found the humor in the “unhinged” name choice, others weren’t too keen on the “rude” attitude displayed toward these stores’ intended clientele.

“‘Love Calories’ is too funny,” commented one user.

“Love Calories is literal disrespect,” disagreed another.

Moomoo store sign
The TikToker highlights the jarring store names she found in the Bangkok shopping center.
TikTok / @erikaseverini1

Thai Fat store sign
Viewers claimed the names seemed to be “bullying” customers.
TikTok / @erikaseverini1

“Beeebeefat is unironically a good name tho,” wrote someone else.

“‘Beauty isn’t a size’ had me,” quipped one person.

“I’m honestly just impressed there are that many different stores,” wrote another user.

Love calories storefront
“Love Calories” was a fan favorite.
TikTok / @erikaseverini1

Fat Cat store sign
Multiple plus-sized clothing stores were blasted online for their not-so-subtle names.
TikTok / @erikaseverini1

“Yo that’s so funny i can’t even be mad at it,” commented another.

“I would be laughing, crying, embarrassed and triggered all at once,” chimed in someone else.

“The names of these stores is the meaning of passive aggressive,” another commented.

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