Monday, June 17, 2024

NT kids start their golf journey

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A team from Golf Australia Northern Territory has travelled to the Tiwi Islands off Darwin to run a clinic for local kids.

Run in collaboration with Disability Sport NT and School of Sport Education NT, more than 40 kids swung a golf club – nearly all of them for the first time ever – in the remote community of Milikapiti on Melville island.

“Seeing these kids pick up a club for the first time ever and absolutely pure just about every shot was amazing,” said Samuel Wright, Golf Australia’s Participation Officer in the NT.

“Their hand eye co-ordination was just next level, and for us to be able to bring golf to such a remote part of the world is pretty special. I’ve learnt so much about the people and their culture on the Tiwi Islands this trip, and it’s something I’ll remember forever.”

The team left a MyGolf kit with the school so that all the kids could continue their golf journeys into the future.

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