Thursday, June 13, 2024

JB Hi-Fi Is Selling The MSI Claw For Dirt Cheap Right Now

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The MSI Claw is currently on sale at JB Hi-Fi, with hundreds slashed off the price of the newest Steam Deck alternative. The discount is just another in the long line of handheld gaming discounts currently available at Australian brick-and-mortar retailers alongside the ROG Ally.

Currently, both versions of the MSI Claw are on sale at JB Hi-Fi. The Core Ultra 7 (1TB SSD) is going for $1299, which is a $200 discount on the usual price, while the Core Ultra 5 (512GB SSD) is retailing for $100 off at $1099. Currently, this is the cheapest price for MSI’s entry into the handheld gaming market in Australia – as well as being one of the only Aussie brick and mortar offerings for it, too. If you’re a newbie to ordering online at JB Hi-Fi, you can also sign up for their Perks membership to get a $10 welcome voucher to bring that price even lower.

Both MSI Claw options appear to be available online and in-store at JB Hi-Fi right now, depending on your location – meaning if you’re keen to cop a discounted handheld PC right now immediately, you’re in luck. The MSI Claw JB Hi-Fi special doesn’t appear to have an end date yet, but given we’re creeping up towards tax time, the bargains are bound to change over soon in time for that big EOFY sale we’ve come to know and love (and perhaps our wallets have come to dread).

As more and more days pass, Valve remains steadfast on not giving Australians literally any update on when Steam Decks might hit our shores officially, as opposed to grey imports only (which we do have a guide on where to buy those locally here), other handheld gaming PCs like the MSI Claw are waiting in the wings for the impatient folk still too wary to buy a Steam Deck. We’ve compared all the Steam Deck alternatives in a piece here and gone into all their pros and cons if you’d like to check out what’s available out there before deciding which fun new toy to grab.

It seems that handheld gaming PCs are in vogue right now for Aussie retailers to slap a great bargain on, and the MSI Claw is no exception. If you’re keen to get your own and save a couple hundy bucks while you’re at it, don’t miss this JB Hi-Fi sale before it ends.

Image: JB Hi-Fi / MSI / Kotaku Australia

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