J.J. Watt torched for new hairstyle during Super Bowl 2024: ‘Looks like he was electrocuted’

J.J. Watt maybe should have considered a soft launch for his new hairdo.

The former Texans standout and current CBS analyst broke out a new style that transported some of us back to the boy bands era or, perhaps more Super Bowl 2024-specific, to the time when Usher routinely topped the charts.

Watt, who usually has a short, clean-cut look, instead went for the spiked, messy hair-do that may have made you feel as if you were watching a Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC concert.

“You ever switch up your hair and wonder if anyone will notice?” Watt tweeted.

“They notice.”

You have to give Watt credit for being willing to unveil a new look during the Super Bowl.

JJ Watt sports his new hairdo. @NFLonCBS/X

It takes guts and confidence to showcase a different look in front of the biggest TV audience of the year, knowing many will tear you to shreds.

And did they ever.

Longtime Packers offensive tackle — and Aaron Rodgers’ close friend — David Bakhtiari had a particularly stinging dig.

JJ Watt with his usual hair style in October 2023.
JJ Watt with his usual hair style in October 2023. @JJWatt/Instagram

“Is anyone gonna say something to @JJWatt about his hair?” Bakhtiari tweeted. “Cause that ain’t it. Looks like he was electrocuted getting out of bed.”

The Reddit CFB account noted how Watt’s new cut transported some back to simpler times.

“Usher JJ Watt’s hair 🤝 Bringing us back to middle school,” the account posted, along with another tweet showcasing Watt’s new look alongside a bottle of hair gel.

Watt at least heard some kind words Sunday from his wife, Kealia Watt, although it had nothing to do with his hair.

In a post on her Instagram Stories, Kealia shared a screenshot of Watt at the CBS Sports desk with a heart around him that was captioned: “Proud of you @jjwatt.”

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