I Spent the Afternoon Shopping in NYC—I Won’t Be Forgetting These 23 Finds

If you thought rent prices were a problem in New York City, try being a fashion editor living smack-dab in the center of its biggest shopping hub. It’s torture, especially recently, with so many of the industry’s coolest and most sought-after brands making SoHo their home after living mostly online. (Welcome to the neighborhood, Khaite, Toteme, Alaïa, Simkhai, and Cult Gaia!) Every day when I walk to get a coffee or pick up my prescription at the local CVS, I have to put physical effort into keeping my eyes forward and my attention away from temptation at every turn. But after a few weeks of good behavior, I decided it was time to let myself indulge in the benefits of the place I choose to call home and spend an afternoon doing what I do best: shop. 

In addition to roaming around SoHo for a few too many hours during my day of (mostly) window shopping, I also headed up to Midtown to see what was new at Nordstrom, a store I can’t resist stopping into every single time I’m nearby. And while I’d like to say that nothing at all caught my eye along the way, I’d be lying if I did. In reality, I saw too many good things during my afternoon off, all of which I haven’t been able to shake since. Since journaling has always helped me let go of issues I’m thinking a bit too much about, I thought I’d follow the same protocol in this instance by jotting down all of the pieces I witnessed that are currently taking up space in my head below. Fingers crossed that by sharing them with all of you, I might be able to resist the urge to add every last one into my spring wardrobe. 

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