I flew on Hawaiian Airlines for the first time from NYC to Honolulu. The seat was nothing special, but the food was easily better than any other US airline.

  • I flew on Hawaiian Airlines for the first time, trekking 10 hours between New York and Honolulu.
  • The flight was extremely long, but the comfortable seats and tasty food made it bearable.
  • My one complaint is the lack of adjustability for the seatback screen.

During my eight years of working in the airline industry, I have managed to fly on every US carrier except one: Hawaiian Airlines.

So, for my honeymoon trip to Oahu in November, I ignored my loyalty to Delta Air Lines and booked Hawaii’s namesake carrier. The Hawaiian reservation for two people in economy cost us about $1,800 roundtrip, which was cheaper than Delta’s fare.

My husband being an airline pilot himself meant he was just as excited as me to experience Hawaiian. And, considering the carrier is consistently praised for its comfort and reliability, we had high hopes going in.

While the seats themselves were nothing special and had one slight annoyance, I found the 10-hour journeys between New York-JFK and Honolulu were easy thanks to Hawaiian’s good food and relaxed atmosphere.

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