I can’t afford a personal trainer — so I’m asking ChatGPT to help me lose 40 pounds

Let’s get this botty right

With Ozempic in short supply due to wannabe skinny minis around the world, and the cost of personal trainers soaring upwards of $150 per session in some cases, folks looking to lose fat fast are now turning to artificial intelligence. 

“Gather around and please allow me to show you how I use AI…for my workouts,” said bi-coastal content creator Miranda, 26, in a trending TikTok testimonial about the waistline-shrinking perks of technology. 

“If you’re like me, in this current economic climate, you probably can’t afford an actual personal trainer,” said the red head. “Maybe you maybe can’t even afford the gym right now, maybe you can’t even afford any workout equipment.”

“This will work for you — I’m living proof.”

Miranda, who splits her living time between New York City and Los Angeles, then shared a screenshot of the prompt she inputted into the bot, including personal details, her fitness goals, exercise likes and dislikes, as well as her ideal workout schedule. 

Many TikTok users are singing ChatGPT’s praises as a free and detailed alternative to Ozempic, personal trainers and gym memberships. TikTok/mrnda.thats.me
Miranda shared the workout plat ChatGPT’s designed to her specific needs. TikTok/mrnda.thats.me

With the information she imputed, ChatGPT spit out a day-to-day workout plan for optimal results, noting the specific exercises, repetitions and equipment the Gen Z should employ during each training. 

“ChatGPT makes my life easier,” she praised. “And it’s free.”

Like Miranda, tech-strong folks online have been leaning on the popular programming — which welcomes over 180 million monthly users, according to a 2024 ChatGPT statistics report — for tapering and toning advice.   

Robin shared her ChatGPT-assisted weight loss journey with her 10k TikTok followers. TikTok/robinontheroad

And beneath the buzzy system’s eponymous TikTok hashtag, with over 597,000 views, a faction of weight loss warriors are sharing their successes. 

Robin, a solo travel influencer who weighed over 200 pounds in July, asked the AI to provide her with a healthy food and fitness plan geared towards her dropping 40 pounds by last December. Over the course of several months, the tastemaker — who hasn’t publicly revealed whether she’s reached her scale goals — chronicled her ChatGPT- aided progress with her more than 10,000 virtual followers. 

Doctors have even enlisted the bot to help maintain their sculpt. 

“I had ChatGPT design an arms, Abs, back and cardio day,” said a fitness trainer and physical therapist named Jamiee in a post as she flexed her massive muscles. “This may be my favorite [workout].”

Fitness trainer and physical therapist named Jamiee used AI to streamline her workout. TikTok/jaimeedpt

The bonuses of AI seem to be boundless. 

When the technology is busy helping thin hopefuls shred, it’s co-ghost writing award-winning books with authors, instructing NYC fashionistas on how to dress and enabling cars to hold conversations with drivers. 

But, of course, the bot doesn’t come without a few frustrating flaws. 

Tech-savvy people are turning to ChaptGPT for help with work, weight loss, family planning and fashion styling. Marcos – stock.adobe.com

At the dawn of the year, a stay-at-home mom was shocked at how ChatGPT portrayed what her life as a homemaker looks like to others. 

“Despite being repeatedly told ‘more stay at home, more crazy,’ the images [ChatGPT] served up were wholesome, joyous, and without a s—ty [diaper] in sight,” ranted the mother in a social media post. 

“Being a SAHM myself, I took one look and thought — this is bulls—t.”

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