Friday, June 14, 2024

Healesville set for major infrastructure upgrades

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The planned works are the result of extensive planning and discussions between the Club, GRV and the team at Melbourne Greyhounds (MGRA), who now oversee the management of the Healesville greyhound track following an amalgamation in 2023.

The Club, MGRA and GRV recognise that ceasing all racing and trialling activity for an extended period of time is not an ideal outcome for participants and apologise for the short-term negative impact it will cause.

Healesville Club Manager Peter Frost along with Track Manager Chris Woods will coordinate the works onsite and the Club’s maintenance team will be hard at work during the shutdown undertaking much of the minor works themselves, with support from the team at The Meadows.

Racing will resume at Healesville on Sunday 28 April and participants will encounter an all-new look and feel when they attend the venue for the first time following the break

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