Ex-WWF wrestler Billy Jack Haynes accused of killing wife

Former pro wrestler Billy Jack Haynes fatally shot his wife at their home in Portland, Ore., according to police.

Haynes, 70, was detained Thursday and taken to a local hospital, local cops said in a press release. Haynes was named on Saturday, with officials saying his condition at the time was “unrelated to the homicide or his contact with law enforcement” and that he could spend days in the hospital.

Janette Becraft, 85, was found dead inside the couple’s home in the Portland neighborhood of Lents, cops said. Becraft had been shot to death, according to authorities.

Portland Police Bureau

Janette Becraft, 85, of Portland. (Portland Police Bureau)

Officers responded to the home around 9 a.m. Thursday and engaged in an hours-long standoff with Haynes before he finally surrendered, Portland police said.

Friends and neighbors were shocked by the news.

“Everywhere they went, they were hand in hand. It’s surreal,” Thomas Matthieu told The Oregonian.

The ex-pro wrestler, whose legal name is William Albert Haynes III, was recently hospitalized for broken ribs he suffered in a fall, Fox affiliate KPTV reported. He checked himself out of the hospital earlier in the week and told Becraft he couldn’t stand being away from her, according to neighbors.

Haynes was born in Portland and returned to the city after his wrestling career ended. He performed for various promotions and joined WWF in 1986. He was part of Wrestlemania III in 1987, in which he dueled with Hercules Hernandez in Detroit’s Pontiac Silverdome.

In 2014, Haynes filed a lawsuit against WWE, the former WWF, claiming that the organization failed to protect wrestlers from head injuries that led to concussions and other health issues. The lawsuit, which included at least 50 other wrestlers, was eventually dismissed.

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